Laura Bush Opens Up: Pro-Choice, Pro-Gay Marriage, Totally Unexpected

Former First Lady Laura Bush was well known as a sort of traditional First Lady: content to take a supporting role to her president husband during his eight years in office. Recently, though, Laura published her memoirs, revealing surprising details about her personal life -- and her personal disagreements with George W. ...more

I thought her almost complete silence on these issues while her husband was president, along ...more


George to Barack: -No matter how bad things are, don't admit to anything worse than "It's a challenge." If ya have ta talk about the wars, stick with the idea we're winnin'. -Pretend ya have a plan that'll work. -Give out nicknames. Seems friendly and ya don't have ta remember real names. -Make sure ya know how to pronounce things. Your speech writers kin spell stuff phonetically, like Peh-tray-uhs. Learned that back in college from the people who wrote my papers. ...more

Sittenfield's "American Wife": Will You Be Reading It?

Ever since I've heard about Curtis Sittenfield's American Wife I've been wary. It's really not due to the fact that it's based on the life of Laura Bush but that it's fiction that is based on a public person while they are still, you know, alive. The long-time dead don't bother me so much, Jane Austen as an amateur detective? I can handle that. But basing a book on Laura Bush, while her husband is still in office no less? ...more

I have really enjoyed some of his other work. So I will probably keep an eye out. But I never ...more