Is Reading Children's Literature the Fountain of Youth?

Today the morning radio DJs gave an on-air quiz to determine whether you’ve hit middle age. Based on this highly scientific survey, I learned that I am not quite there yet, which is exactly what I keep telling my husband. One of the questions stood out, however. It was “are you increasingly nostalgic?” Well, I’ve been nostalgic since I was born—seriously my 5-year-old self probably pined for the days when I was a younger and more carefree toddler. ...more
Laurend1985 I couldn't agree more. I feel like a kid again reading my daughter books that I loved!more

Laura Ingalls Wilder, You Had the Right Idea

by Katie Workman, author of The Mom 100 Cookbook, creator of blogSo, I hope by now you know I’m not someone who over-coddles their children in any way, especially not when it comes to eating.  My kids know that if trout is on the table, it must be tried,  that vegetables are part of every meal, that soda is for special occasions, that blah blah blah....more

Mary Ingalls Did Not Go Blind From Scarlet Fever & Other Comments On Old-Time Diseases

I’m pretty well known amongst my friends for throwing out names of old-time illnesses when I’m sick. “Oh, I’m suffering from galloping consumption,” I told one of my friends one day as I hacked on the phone. “It’s a real catarrh conundrum.” My friend, of course, probably secretly thought I was nuts, but this is what comes of reading classic novels and medical textbooks since the age of about 6. I have been steeped in medical lore since I was little, and I love every second of it....more

(Interview) Wendy McClure on Living 'The Wilder Life'

When I first discovered blogs in the olden days of 2004, one of my standby reads was Wendy McClure's late, lamented Poundy (That link that will now take you to her eponymous website, but do you remember those old recipe cards?) ...more

I've never wanted to visit any of the Laura sites before -- then I read The Wilder Life and ...more

Cabin Fever. What Would Laura Do?

When I was G's age, 9, I was obsessed with Little House on the Prairie. I remember sporting a thrift store bonnet all over my neighborhood in the Bronx, and my mother looking pained, saying "You know that's for a baby, right?" It was partly her fault. Having little, making do, aligned with the Chinese immigrant experience. My mother would make glue out of a little bit of rice, dolls out of scraps of cloth....more

Laura Ingalls Wilder From The Prairie to TV to...Twitter?

What do you think of when I say "Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder?"  Do you think of summer afternoons reading about little Laura, her family and their adventures on the prairie?  Do you think of the TV show starring Michael Landon, Melissa Gilbert and Melissa Sue Anderson?  Do you think Twitter?  Yeah, you heard me, Twitter.  Hold onto your bonnets, people 'cause you remember sweet little Laura?  Well she's a 21st century lady now and that means she's on Twitter. ...more

Hi Meli,

I'm so glad you're enjoying HalfPint on Twitter. 

I especially loved ...more