Jeffery Philips Viewpoint on Working Overtime Without Compensation

The employer devise means to cheat their employees is nothing new. One of the very many ways they do this is the Overtime Scam. 9 out of 10 companies do not stick to the official closing hours stated on their workers’ employment terms. This is unlawful and wrong. Most employees must put up with this as they cannot complain out of fear.  The Fair Labor Standard Act states that employees working overtime in the U.S. deserve at least 1.5 times their normal hourly pay. This is applicable for every hour, above the typical 40-hour work week....more

Why Flexible Working Is Essential To Support Women

When we talk about smashing the glass ceiling, we’re nearly always talking about getting more women in senior management positions and securing their place in the boardroom. But there is a far more pressing issue that needs to be addressed. Thanks to archaic business practices that encourage women to choose between work or family, women are walking away from careers and trading them in for jobs that simply make ends meet....more

Hiring, and Working with a Michigan Disability Attorney Law Firm.

A disability attorney is an attorney who specializes in work related injuries and Social Security claims. Disability attorneys are adept in uncovering bad faith practices on the part of insurance companies, specifically, when the insurance company's goal is to save the company money....more

How to Reach Out for Support in an Abusive Relationship

Reaching out for support can be difficult or dangerous when your partner is abusive, particularly if your partner has isolated you from your friends and loved ones. If your partner checks your text history and call log – or denies you of a phone completely – you may feel like you have no safe avenue to reach out for help.Organizations like the National Domestic Violence Hotline can help abuse victims reach out for support. But if you can’t find a safe way to communicate or can’t get a safe phone, you may have to resort to other options....more

Child Custody, Domestic Violence, and Preparing for a Violence Hearing

Violent relationships complicate child custody issues. Partners often remain in violent relationships because there are children involved, and separating children from parents they love is difficult.Understanding a domestic violence hearing is the first step to get the courage to file a petition.The Goal of a Domestic Violence HearingA domestic violence hearing involves a judge trying to determine if there is enough evidence to provide the victim with a protective order. The protective order will allow for:...more

4 Benefits to Choosing Divorce Mediation Over Litigation

When couples head for divorce, they often see just two roads ahead: collaboration and litigation. One involves a negotiating room with two disgruntled partners and a pair of lawyers. The other entails lengthy and expensive courtroom battles over who gets what – from the kids to your Aunt Linda’s silverware. But there is another option: mediation....more

But Honestly...

I am sorry to say that honesty appears to no longer be a valued virtue in our society.  Many of us stretch the truth to the breaking point or even make up outrageous stories to get what we want, whether it be some type of advantage or just to avoid the consequences of a previous misdeed.  The illegality of fraud seems to have been reduced to little more than a technicality....more

Foreclosures: Fairness vs. "The Law"

I am being evicted and forced to move again, because the banks have stolen my landlord’s house.   Truly.  When I share this, sometimes people ask:  “Well, did they make their payments?” – a question which reflects a degree of ignorance that is at the heart of a great injustice, and a serious misunderstanding amongst people in our country. I am compelled to write about it....more
Very well stated.  Excellent blog.  The fact that 800 Billion went to the bastards that caused ...more

New law spurs action, bringing protection to many

Cross-posted from UN Women A new law against domestic violence adopted in August in The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, coupled with efforts to promote the Istanbul Convention are giving new hope to survivors. ...more