Dating After a Divorce

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Expectations vs. Boundaries

I was recently complaining to my husband about they way I overheard a mutual acquaintance talk to his wife.  It made my toes curl, literally.  I was so irritated by the disrespect I could feel the hair on the back of my neck start to get prickly.  Truth of the matter is, this guy is always like that with his wife, so I don’t know why I was so shocked....more

How Can I Get Him to See it My Way?

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How to be a Hero Today While Sitting at Home

There is a village far, far, away, with a name none of us can pronounce in a part of the world we know nothing accurate about.  In that village a boy lives with his angry abusive uncle because his parents were killed two years ago in a mortar attack.  A mortar attack is the kind of experience most of us will never understand.  This boy understands it all too well.  For the first time in his life last year he went to school, but three months ago his school was destroyed by a mortar attack.  His Uncle talks hate all day long.  His Uncle’s friends do too.  As...more

The Hard Work Myth

You Get What You Settle For

Dear Lisa,My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost nine months.  We really care about each other.   Last month we took our first vacation together and he actually finally said, the big words, “I love you.”...more

Five Signs it Might Be Time To Take Yourself Off the Market

When a house has been for sale a while without any attention or offers a seller or real estate agent will often decide to take it off the market for a bit.  Sometimes just taking it off the market and relisting it a few weeks or months later will do the trick.  Sometimes they use that time to fix the house up a little. ...more

The Law of Attraction and Errant Tomato Plants

Whether or not you believe in the Law of Attraction, the belief that your thoughts control your world, I have personally seen it at work in my life for years in everything from my marriage, my home, my career (be careful what you wish for!), and the people surrounding me....more

Words Used as Weapons

I have a friend who once had a fight with a long term boyfriend, during which in an angry exchange she told him his special private parts were unusually small.  They didn’t break up on the spot, but I’m willing to bet money that was the day their relationship actually ended.  Those are words you can’t take back....more