How to turn around your self-destructive thoughts - Part 2

Hey there, narcissists! We're back with some more ways to turn around your cycle of self-destructive thoughts....more

Saving Yourself from "Poor Me" Syndrome

Many of us know that person- the striving, sometimes successful, seeming over-giver who does so many things with a smile, yet, behind the scenes, complains constantly about not getting their due.  Looking at these people you understand that they are their biggest problem.  So how can you save them (or yourself) from sliding too far into "poor me" syndrome. First thing's first: Get to the bottom of the "what"...more

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Let's Test the Power of Intention on Auburn's Oak Trees!

In case you didn't already know, I'm not very shy about the fact that I love trees.As a child, there was a tree in my side yard that I'd climb many a summer day, resting on a fork in the branches, listening to a lullaby courtesy of the rustling...more

Law of Attraction and Attracting the Right Clients

All of us involved in either running our own businesses or who work in a field that requires any type of selling know the importance of attracting or bringing forward not just clients but the right client. The right clients are those individuals who need/want your product or service and are ready to invest....more

EFT and the Law of Attraction

We have discussed previously how our limiting beliefs and emotional blocks prevent the law of attraction from working. Getting these beliefs and blocks out of our system, however, is something with which most of us get stuck. If you are in a similar situation as well, you may find EFT useful....more

Now is the Time to Make 2010 the Best Year Ever

My mother is a consummate story teller.  Put a kid in front of her and she transforms into some odd rendition of Dr. Seuss.  Put her in a room of adults she only tones it down a little bit.  She has a story in her head for every imaginable occasion and to illustrate any given point....more

Napoleon Hill

All of us yearn for success. We all want to be rich and fulfill our ambitions, but very few of us know what road map to follow in order to reach that coveted destination. Napoleon Hill not only discovered this road map, but he also shared it through his books and seminars....more

What's Your Story?

I got three separate emails from three women, over the last few days, I found so ironic I had to ask each of them if I could share parts of their emails with all of you.  The names have been changed to protect the innocent.  All three of these women are between 27 and 30.  All three are smokin’ hot ladies....more

The Most Common Law of Attractions Myths