Manifesting Peanut - A Midlife Adoption Tale

Once upon a time, there was a woman who wanted to be a mother more than anything.  But she never found the right man and had no luck with the scientific alternatives.  Finally, she decided to adopt despite the overwhelming odds of being single, a minority, having limited resources and family who tried to talk her out of taking this step at 48 years old.  We call this woman "Meno Mom" and she is my younger sister. ...more

There are so many more children out there who need a family. It's such an amazing thing to bring ...more


Are we seeing Human Beings at their lowest--Are we participating in this same event. We try and teach our teens and kids not to do or display these same negative options being thrown around Washington like frisbees. We know when you act from this place, you are putting your dreams on hold. Nothing manifests in these states. Even the financial institutes are sending blame arrows at every other person. The chain reaction of greed is on all levels. ...more

How to work "The Secret" when the economy is melting down

Since the past several years have been economically robust, it's been easy to believe in The Secret. When we visualized more, more was usually delivered; such is the beauty of a bull market. But now that the global financial markets are in such chaos will The Law of Attraction continue to work? And if it does work, should we be urging Paulson and Bernanke to get out some stacks of magazines and make up a vision board showing economic prosperity? Well, it couldn't hurt. ...more

A Crisis of Confidence

     As I picked up the newspaper off the driveway today, I saw the headline, A SINKING FEELING and a picture of a man with his head in his hands. Funny, I felt really happy up until seeing that. ...more

Compliment your teens all the time... Use the Law of Attraction

Hi, it's Tricia Kelly here again with great info about the Law of Attraction. It's great when your kid has their own revelation in life. Compliments ... dish them out when you notice even the smallest stuff, because they're HUGE in the way your kid beams their energy out their into the world. My daughter started high school, and has to get up and hour earlier than last year. She argued that now she was older, she should be allow to stay up later than last years, 10:00 pm lights out. ...more

Thank you for the compliment...  right back at you.  I should have mentioned my book, 'SPIRIT ...more

Gossip Girls & the Law of Attraction

Hi, it's Tricia Kelly here again....The Law of Attraction and 'Gossip Girl.' This is a show that gets high rating, and lots of kids that are loyal devoted fans... My fourteen-year-old daughter is one of them and was overly excited, the new season has started... I was the opposite, here we go again. A show that every second line is a negative, spiteful, and hurtful... not to mention the under-age drinking, and their endless sexual partners. (I know, as a teen, this is an exciting time for them. ...more

Law of Attraction for Teens/Kids & Parents

Hi, I'm Tricia Kelly the author of a great book about the Law of Attraction. SPIRIT BOY, is unique novel. People learn through example, not necessarily through self help books. The Law of Attraction is available for Teens, Kids and their Parents Lots of adults know about the Universal Law of Attraction. They may have either seen it on 'the Secret DVD' or heard Oprah speaking with the 'Abraham Hicks' duo,' or mentioned during one of her web classes with, Eckhart Tolle, - well the wait is over! ...more

The Secret at Work

This week is one of the few where we are not on vacation and the kids have no activities booked save for a few playdates. Yesterday, I decided to take them on errands (Costco to be exact) and, well, not a whole lot got accomplished. So today, my mom came over to sit and I set out to conquer my to do list. ...more

Chicago Cubs and Law of Attraction

Some people might think I'm going far out there on this one, but I those who know me, know about my beliefs in Law of Attraction.  I've been practicing Law of Attraction for many years now and strongly believe that what we believe in, is what we attract back.  Simply put, like attracts like.  If we are focusing on the positive, we will get more positive.  If we focus on the negative, we get more negative back.  "When it rains, it pours". ...more

Is blogging robbing you of bliss?

Thank you to those of you who commented or sent me an email. I'm not sure how you found me so quickly but I'm glad you did! ...more