Knowing your rights before becoming a mom

They say that the first few months of your child's life are some of the most important. They say that spending one-on-one time with your infant is necessary for developmental growth. They say that Mothers will be less likely to suffer from postpartum depression if they are able to connect with their babies....more

My state gets a D; what about yours?

I work for a really great company. As mentioned before, I really love my coworkers, my work keeps me busy and I really appreciate the level of support and understanding that I receive on my team. We are able to work from home if we have a sick child or adjust schedules for our children as needed (it probably helps that I work with a lot of mothers.)...more

Deserving Handicaps

DESERVING HANDICAPS It's Friday.We have people coming for dinner.The pantry is bare.A trip to the store and.... there are 30 empty parking spaces, upfront, but I park in the w-a-y back. Perfect.But wait! I see a car pulling into that 'sweet spot'. She gets out.She trots to the door in yoga pants, happily chatting on her phone. ...more

Booze Confusion

Previously in a blog post or two, I’ve written about the random laws various states have with regard to alcohol. In California, it’s fairly liberal, I guess. You can buy hard liquor, wine, and beer in grocery stores....more

Why Our Tail Wasn't Wagging: Someone Bought Our Domain

If you've visited my website, some of you might have noticed things have been a little "off" these past four weeks. We haven't been posting as much, didn't write a post-BlogPaws roundup, haven't been doing as many product reviews and there was a "dot blogspot" added to the end of our website address.Well, here is why -- someone bought our domain. And, it couldn't have happened at a worse time -- in Salt Lake City during BlogPaws....more

The A-Banned-On of Hungary

Hmm, sorry, I'm busy thinking, what, oh, what is the stupidest thing I have seen today, (?), hmmm, I wonder if it could be the new law in Hungary:  They banned homelessness.  Homeless people can be fined up to $600 or be jailed. Government inaction. Oh, sorry, I forgot to put a space between in and action. No, not really, the government of Hungary probably doesn't want me to put a space there for fear that a homeless person might try to sleep there.  "Government of some people, by some people, for some people, shall not perish from the earth."   ...more

The Keys to Child Care Success: Laws Regarding Licensing, Facility & Staff Requirements

Best Choices Would you go to a dentist who had a revoked license?...more

Laying Down the Law: House Rules

Follower of the Law In general, I follow laws....more

Motherly Law Year in Review: Updated Posts re: BPA, Bike Helmets, Pool Drains, Birth Centers and Car Seats

Trial and Error Parenting is largely trial and error, a learn-as-you-go, kind of job....more

Phone Down; Eyes Up: Distracted Driving Statistics Update & Driver Challenge

I feel so bad for that person =(

If people really need to text so bad why not use an app like ...more