Your In-Laws Don't Love You

No matter what you do, how you do it, how often it's done, with your whole loving heart or damn for show ... you will never be “loved” (well, at least they wouldn’t “love” you the way you think). If you’re lucky, you’ll be appreciated....more

Help! Family Bickering is Going To Ruin My Vacation!

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I'm soon headed on a vacation with my husband, kids and all his family. We are going to a beautiful place, and I know I won't be able to enjoy it because his family bickers non-stop. It's exhausting. Everyone does it. His parents, his siblings and their spouses. I don't even want to go except the kids and their cousins all have a great time. Ideas on survival?Signed,Can't We All Just Get Along?...more

An Open Letter to My Future Daughter-in-Laws

I know I haven't met you yet - or maybe I have and I scared you away when I came at you waving a tape measure. If that was the case, please - hear me out. Read on......more

Don't Judge a Book By Its Go-Go Boots or Letter Sweater

 Today was actually a really great day. Not because anything super-interesting happened. It’s just that my husband and I took MY parents and HIS parents out to lunch. Yes, you read that correctly. My parents. His parents. Us. We went to lunch to-geth-er. Without any special occasion where we HAD to get together. No birthdays. No anniversaries. Just lunch, and we meant to do it....more

My Greedy Family: Why I Tolerate but Don't Respect My In-Laws.

After my mother in law, who I simply adored, lost her battle with longtime illness, I learned the true nature of in-law conflict. That September, I had already overspent my money into traveling "back home" for my grandmother's funeral. Not a week after I return, my husband's mother dies suddenly from complications of her long time illness. She was just over 50. We sunk another $1,000 of money allocated for expenses to travel back home again for the funeral and arrangements. Arriving in town to plan yet another funeral, I am confronted with a new beast....more

My "Betty Crocker" Inlaws

Probably everyone on here that's married has a story about their inlaws & their quirks. So here's mine. Ever since I started dating my husband, I noticed that my now inlaws have been the crafy types. The classic 1950s family that always had a fresh pie in the window & was constantly working on a quilt. These are my inlaws & no I'm not exaggerating. Every time I'd visit whether it was a holiday or not, there it was, a plate of cookies just out of the oven. What was my mother in law working on? A quilt. What were on the walls? Framed embroidery & needlepoint....more

A Week of Insanity

I’m starting to think October just really ain’t my month. ...more

The “In-Laws” Conversation

Ladies, I just had to address the subject of in laws for all my girlfriends in Montreal. The stories, the laughs, the tears, it’s all very… well… amusing. I can’t tell you how many of my friends love to vent about their in laws! ...more