The Mile High Club

A flight attendant on Oprah Winfrey's private jet filed a lawsuit Friday denying allegations that she had sex on board. In the suit, Corrine Gehrls, 39, claims that fellow flight attendants Myron Gooch and Kirby Bumpus -- who is the daughter of Winfrey's best friend Gayle King and is Winfrey's goddaughter -- made the accusation that caused her to be fired.--Huffington Post ...more

In my opinion the most curious part of that story is how in the world Gayle King thought it ...more

Raped at a Marriott in Front of Your Toddlers? Too Bad, Slacker.

Editor's Update: Marriott says, "It was a mistake to suggest that the victim of this tragic incident was responsible for the vicious crime against her." This story was updated on BlogHer with Marriott's response early Wednesday morning and with additional updates in the comment section August 20. You may read the update at BlogHer here. ...more

Marriott calls the language a "mistake." and has ...more

Animal Rights Groups Have a Bone to Pick with Helmsley Trust

While the late Leona Helmsley's number one beneficiary - her beloved Maltese, Trouble - naps quietly in Florida, a different trouble is brewing around the Queen of Mean's estate. Earlier this week, three of the country's largest animal welfare groups accused the trustees of Helmsley's estate of a "scheme to deprive dog welfare charities" of their slice of the real estate baroness' remaining pie. ...more

Sexual Harassment Research

If you’re slightly familiar with my blog, you know that I’m currently involved in a sexual harassment legal nightmare: the second day after meeting my new boss at my new job, the married SOB grabbed me, kissed my neck, and propositioned me three times! ...more

My Ex Husband Sued Me Because I Do a Podcast About Divorce

"Enough! Alright. This one time, this one time I'll let you ask me about my affairs..." -Michael Corleone Laurie & Laurie talk about the future of DivorcingDaze, just this once. He heard, he sued, and now, since the judge has ruled, we can tell the story. ...more

Orlando mom’s blog gets her sued by private school

Freedom of Speech or defamation? Orlando mom Sonjia McSween decided to voice her opinions about her daughter’s school. So she created a blog to let other parents know how she felt about The New School of Orlando. McSween was no fan of the school, and The Orlando Sentinel says her public statements resulted in the school filing a defamation suit asking for damages and for publication to cease. The suit was filed in Orlando, the ninth judicial circuit court. ...more

Stories like this make me wonder if the Blogosphere can get organized enough to craft itself a ...more

Potter, Goddess are at Hogwarts Kolkata, lawsuit notwithstanding

It's festival time in India for the rest of the year. I am over 8,000 miles away from home, but my heart is in a flutter. It feels like I am right there, partaking in the myriad colors, sights, sounds and mantras of the season. Especially close to my heart are these five precious days (October 17-21) of Durga Puja – and the months of October and November -- when my native state of West Bengal will be seeped in celebrating the power of three Hindu Goddesses, namely Durga, Lakshmi and Kali. ...more

Another Anna Nicole Smith lawsuit, only this time an author’s going to court

Howard K. Stern wants $60 million, alleging journalist Rita Cosby and her publisher are guilty of false and defamatory accusations against Stern. Cosby’s book,Blond Ambition, says the South Florida Sun-Sentinel in a story on Tuesday, figures in the lawsuit because the book alleges Stern committed, “among other things, criminal lewd acts, homosexual acts, illegal possession and use of cocaine, conspiring to commit murder and kidnapping for ransom.” Furthermore, a John or Jane Doe also was named as a defendant. ...more

The wild wild Web, where copyright is becoming an oft-repeated word

I read a post at a discussion forum—the author found a Web site had copied her content verbatim. She contacted the owner of the site, who basically told her to shove it—there was nothing she could do. The site owner did remove the content, however. In August, I wrote a column about a lawsuit filed by an author who took issue with a bad review of his book. The reviewer didn’t just bash the book; illustrations from the work were reproduced. The author had provided the book, so the case isn’t black and white. ...more

AllergyMoms: This video will make you mad! Many parents of food allergic children, particularly those allergic to milk, are outraged at comments from MSNBC’s Senior Legal Analyst Susan Filan who makes fun of food allergies and completely dismisses the severity of them. Here are some of Susan Filans comments: “I just don’t know how sick you can get from a piece of cheese!” (Google Sabrina Shannon.) “He says his medical bills were $700 so how bad was it?" ...more