Mid life pink slip and no job in sight

This past May I got the pink slip, does anyone use that term anymore? Anyway I got layed off!  I have had a secure job for my whole life and I never really worried that it would happen to me....more

Things I Might Do If I Had Time

Happy New Year!  Another year has come and gone, and we get to start fresh again.  Not sure why I always feel so ambitious each January.  Must be all the holiday hype, with talk of resolutions and starting fresh and making a list of things to accomplish.  Each year I resolve to actually do something to better myself.  Each year the list includes eating better and more gym time....more

Ho-Ho-Holiday Parties

This time of year gets so busy.  There’s shopping to do, decorating to be done and lots of parties to attend. At least there used to be lots of parties.  As our group all married and many began families, the parties dwindled a bit due to other responsibilities.  Not to mention the drive to the ‘burbs; adding an hour to the evening for a party commute is hard for many. Still, Hubby and I always had two parties we could count on: his office party and my office party.  It was fun to know that we had at least two reasons to get dressed up....more

Job Hunting While Fat

Whenever someone asks me what they should do about being discriminated against, whether for legal or illegal reasons, my first thought is "Are you sure you're being discriminated against?" ...more