Cast Your Cares Upon the Lord. Lay Down Every Burden. Down By the Riverside

 No matter what I may face today, I know God will make a way. I’ll let go of  foolish pride. I’m gonna lay down my burdens. Down by the riverside.I may be broker than broke. I’m blessed. I’m rich in Christ Jesus. I won’t complain. I give thanks to God in everything....more

Resolve to leave things behind that belong there

There is a wonderful Zen story about two monks who had sworn chastity. They vowed to not even touch a woman. One day they were with a group fording a river. In the middle of the river, a tiny woman suddenly lost her footing and was in danger of drowning. One monk waded over to her, lifted her, and carried her across the river. He set her down safely, and walked along his way. His companion walked silently for ten miles, getting progressively more agitated. Finally he blurted out -- "How could you! You know that we have vowed to not even touch a woman!" The monk replied "I only carried her halfway across the river. You carried her 10 miles." ...more