Layoff Looming? 14 Tips to Make the Most of a Career Layover

You can view this as a painful chapter in your working life or take the opportunity to live your dream. It's time to step back, breathe, and create a practical plan to carry you through the loss of your job. To start, you'll need a box and a list.

9 Signs You Are Going to Be Fired

In the past you only had to worry about the very infrequent layoff or restructuring. Times have changed. In the nonstop downsizing, company bankruptcies, and worrisome economy, even the illusion of security is a thing of the past. The high stress and added tension makes even the best of situations sometimes seem tenuous. So how can you know if you're going to get canned? ...more
Yes I have lived this post as well.  My position was newly created and I was answering to 2 ...more

Recent College Graduates (and Teens) Struggle with Unemployment

The economic downturn that started 2007 has caused job loss on scale unseen since the Great Depression. Even though the recession is technically over, the sluggish growth and incremental improvements in hiring has many worried about a double dip recession. Many of the unemployed are young people -- teenagers who are hunting for a summer job or a part-time gig to pay for college, college students who want a paid internship to launch them into a career, and recent college graduates who either can't land a job that requires a degree, or have been laid off and are now moving back home with Mom and Dad. ...more

I finished grad school last May, and spent the summer applying for probably hundreds of jobs (in ...more

Finding My Way In An Economic Downturn

By Guest Blogger, Tamara Arbeiter I was recently laid off from my job. The Record of Employment I just received in the mail stated “Economic reasons” for my departure.  As company policy goes, I was asked to leave immediately.  Comforted only by the fact that a handful of very senior executives were also laid off that day, I packed up my desk, grabbed my kids’ photos and artwork and left, without time for goodbyes....more

Tamara, one of the best things about being a woman who has had a successful career and who ...more

Living with Layoffs, Signs of Depression + My Fantasy Look of the Day

Image: Storm of X-Men from Fan Pop ...more

Economy Worries, Hard Realities

by Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen I am worried. This is not an unusual state for me, as friends and colleagues will agree. Often, my worries can be assuaged by thoughtful preparation or action. The worries of these days have left me in a state of paralysis. ...more

Screamin' Mimi

Are you a Screamin' Mimi?  Do you feel like you're the luckiest person on the planet because you have beautiful grandchildren or do you think life has passed you by because you think you're still  20 but the numbers add up to the 50's?  Are you swimming in life, loss, lack of sleep, a body image that you can't put into your friends and family think your a genius who should have been a doctor (psycho therapist) because you are the only one who can solve their problems and tell you you should have been a lawyer but you're neither?????  On top of everything else (and yes, it's a ...more