Pregnancy: The Only Time a Woman Is Allowed to Be Lazy?

I recently noticed that pregnancy is an excuse for everything. As a pregnant woman, I can get away with nearly anything because who would yell at a woman toting a beach ball under her shirt? Heartless bastards, that's who. For a while, I went from being way too stubborn about getting help to automatically assuming it will be granted without me asking. This happened after thirty-five weeks of doing my own work without getting help from anyone near me. I was determined to not let pregnancy claim my work ethic and become an excuse for everything. Sadly, when I finally gave in, I gave in hard....more
@BrittneyYon The first trimester was really hard for me, truthfully. My energy levels were at ...more

Adultescence: an enabler's view

The newly-coined term for the period of a child's life when his or her parents continue to support and clean up after them, even after they have grown up, is 'adultescence'.  My name is Tofu-Hearted Mother and I am an adultescent-enabler. But I'm on the twelve-step programme. ...more

It's the Getting Up and Moving Part That Stinks

My spring break is over. It was glorious. This morning I woke up multiple times wanting to throw up before my alarm went off . No, I'm neither sick nor pregnant (I always have to clarify that). I've just been dreading going to work lately. It's not that I work in a miserable environment. In fact, it's a pretty good environment. I just keep conjuring up these impossible situations in my head. Once I got in my classroom and started chatting with my students, I was completely calm and remembered why I enjoyed teaching. It's the getting up and moving part that stinks....more

Doodle Per Diem #9

Today's doodle is a... uhhhh... thing. It's wearing mittens!...more

Change Is Good, Right?

I'm supposed to be doing something else, but I am here after months of not logging in. I think this procrastination boils down to fear of change. Instead of writing for Nanowrimo or working, I am blogging, commenting, stumbling, digging and tweeting. But if I focused on my manuscript, even finishing it in 2011, life would change. Change is bad....more
It is always good to shake-up routine one small step at a time :)more

Chicken, Parking and a 3 Story Drop Off

Repost from 3/10 We live on the third floor of a walk-up in the city. If I leave my condo, I can walk exactly 3/10ths of a mile to get to the closest bar. We are within walking distance to approximately 40 bars and restaurants, numerous dry cleaners, drugstores, music venues, coffeehouses and grocery stores....more

It happens every winter! The best part is the random items people use to save their spots!

I ...more

Saltines and Airheads

So it’s 10:02 this morning, and what am I doing?   Guess. ...more

There's No Such Thing As Laziness

I’ve wanted for a while to start writing about a different abuse-related myth every Monday. Because they start with the same letter, of course! And there are so many different common, harmful ideas that come from abuse. Like laziness. ...more