Transgender Response to Girl Scout Calling For Boycott

A few days ago, news started making the blog rounds that a 14-year-old Girl Scout named Taylor was calling for a boycott of Girl Scout cookies due to the Scout's support of "transgender promotion." BlogHer posted about the issue, although the video has since been made private. I made transcript of the original video out of the worry that it would be taken down....more
I loved this, and I really hope that girl gets the education she needs to understand trans* ...more

Celebrate PRIDE Month: Play the LGBT Matchy-Matchy Game

LGBT people (and their allies) all over the world are celebrating PRIDE Month. There are parades, music and film fests, marches and more. While some communities celebrate PRIDE at different times of the year, June is officially PRIDE Month in the United States. ...more

Queen of Spain usually gets beat by her kids. ;-)

Happy PRIDE, Polly!

BlogHer ...more