4 Things People Get Wrong About Long Distance Relationships

I'm seeing more and more people being in long distance relationships and I can't help but wonder, if more people are choosing to date someone residing in another country why are people still so negative about it? Romance between two people starts off as a gamble with fate with a mixture of fireworks like the 4th of July and as days goes by, feelings tend to get stronger and eventually talks of ‘happily ever after’ comes to the surface. So then I ask, how is this any different if the romance is generated from afar or near?...more

Answering "And Then What?" In Long-Distance Relationships

Did you know that 14 million couples in the United States consider themselves to be in a long distance relationship? I didn’t. I also didn’t know that the average time it takes for those relationships to fall apart averages about 4.5 months. 32.5 percent of college relationships are long distance. 40 percent of long distance relationships end in a breakup....more
Oh, Darling! I can relate to this all too well. I had a long distance relationship with in my ...more

How Do I Survive My Long Distance Marriage? One Day At A Time

Last summer, when my husband of twenty-three years told me he had found the perfect job, I was thrilled. When he told me it was in a town two hours away, not so much. Neither our children nor I had any great desire to move. But, this was his dream job: clean tech start-up with a great management team and the good chance for financial upside. After the Great Recession cleared out our portfolio (such that it was) and with three looming college tuitions, a dream job sounded good. So, my husband took the position and moved. We didn’t.   ...more

After pursuing a dating relationship with my now husband that lasted almost 8 years with seeing ...more

Surviving Separations: I’m about to try, and I’m a little scared.

This summer, I’m leaving the Bay area for a few months to work on a project (okay, it's a start-up). While I am incredibly excited about what I am about to do, ands think it’s a good decision; aspects of this choice totally fill me with terror. You see, in the past I’ve been an escape artists of sorts, someone who (unconsciously) used work and travel and career momentum to put enough distance between myself and ambivalent relationships to make them bearable. ...more

Don't forget all of the great things a separation can do!!! It can:

- invigorate you ...more