Ordain Women, April 5th Priesthood Session Action: My Story

Joining my sisters (and brothers!) in standing in line to attempt to get into the priesthood session was not an easy decision.  I have, for awhile, kept myself on the fence on this issue.  Mostly because of fear.  I’ve long since known how I *really* felt about it. But, I’ve come down from the fence and picked a side.  Authenticity is super.  ...more

On “Smart Mormons”

A week or so ago I was seeing a lot of this “Smart Mormons” article, written by one Mike Jensen on Canada Free Press....more
I don't quite agree with your analysis on the Declaration of Independence.  The more I have ...more

The Book of Mormon Girl

I finally read The Book of Mormon Girl.  I’ve been meaning to for awhile now.  I think I was avoiding it because I knew it’d make me face some things.  I was right....more
I think when faith makes a transition to institution, we're all in trouble because everything ...more

The Woman I gave up on & regret

You have touched my heart today, June, for I believe that has has led you to talk to me today. ...more

Why not just let Warren Jeffs starve?

I am from Utah, a state filled with beauty and, for me, stories of my ancestry.  I still get excited to drive there, past all of the landmarks I remember from my childhood;  Elephant Feet means we are one-quarter of the way there, Kayenta means we really are half-way and that we're about to drive through Monument Valley - and then Bluff, Blanding, Monticello and finally my town, Moab.  My family were cattle ranchers, real life cowboys and cowgirls with acres of land in the thousands for the herds of cattle that were driven up the Mountain in the summer, down to the va...more
Wow, I never heard of this part of that story. Thank you for sharing. I hope they grow up to ...more