The Introspective Role of Twilight

I've had a somewhat unhealthy appreciation for the Twilight series since I first read the books last summer.  I had heard bad things about them from people who hadn't read them, but I thought I'd give them a chance, just in case.  Ever since, I've been hooked. ...more

Still figuring this thing out but here I go!

Man! Ok, I made it past all the scrolling of tags. That's one still I'm still trying to learn about with this whole blogging thing. I sometimes think blogging comes naturally to me in a since. I love to write and connect with people, and it's a facinating personal way to do that online. I'm trying to decide about this BlogHer conference thing. This mental debate doesn't really fit with the topic of my blog so I'm blogging about my BlogHer quest here (and Twitter: ). ...more

Just Say No to R-Rated Movies

My church has this belief that watching R-rated movies is bad.  I believe that it isn't fair to judge them without understanding them a little better, i.e. watching them and deciding for yourself.  When I brought this up with a church friend, it did not go over well. ...more

How Does This Relate to Me?

Do you ever sit at church and wonder if the talk/sermon being given to you by a guy is for you, when it feels like it's geared towards a man?  Do you ever feel left out completely when talk of blessings and such is brought up?  I do. ...more

My Life as a Convert

The world expects you to pick a religion and stick to it, but when you grow up in a multi-religion family, the choice is difficult, especially when the choices are Southern Baptist and Latter-Day Saint (Mormon).  When you finally come to that big choice, is the world even ready for it? ...more

Flooding Washington with Relief, Online and In Person

This past week wreaked havoc in Washington State; Centralia and the surrounding areas are starting to dry out, but the clean-up and rebuilding of homes and lives will be a slow, continuing process. Carolyn at Crunchytown mentions that the local Mormons have been in the news for helping out, and her husband was amongst them; her only complaint is that she couldn't go as well: ...more

I'm surprised at how easy it's been to start something wonderful. It may be because I know some ...more