From where I stand: Ileana Crudu

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From where I stand: Florah Maswanganyi

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Avoid Workplace Conflict

When it comes to workplace conflict, there is truth to the old saying, “business is business, it’s not personal.” According to...more

Nurses eat their young

I look into the eyes of my student nurse for the light bulb moment. I look for some recognition that what I just said made sense....more

Speakers find this Most Annoying

Wonder what speakers find most annoying? You may be surprised to learn that this same behavior is potentially life-threatening. Curious what listeners are doing, and how to eliminate the health threat?...more

Are you Listening?

March is Listening Awareness Month. How do you rate yourself as a listener? Statistically we are a nation of poor listeners. In fact, according to the International Listening Association, we only retain about half of what we hear immediately after we hear it, and only about 20% beyond that. That’s pretty sad....more

Effort Creates Success

In over 30 years of utilizing numerous individuals in leadership positions, I have found the majority of them to be well meaning and well intentioned. However, concurrently, I have found that hardly any of them are successful at converting their words into deeds, and handful of them, therefore could possibly be classified as previously being successful or effective leaders. Wayne Dyer wrote, "Anything you desperately want, you may attain, in case you really focus on it." Success, therefore almost invariably require a large amount of concerted effort, foresight and direction....more

The Neuroscience of Conflict at Work

Years ago I had two executive clients who worked for the same company in positions that required them to be highly collaborative.  What occurred in their relationship was anything but collaborative.  Their relationship devolved into a conflict that pulled their organization into the mud with them. ...more

Expect Success

Of course, everyone knows February is for lovers with cupids delivering chocolates and roses. Have you seen there’s even chocolate jewelry! Every other commercial it seems, reminds the shopping public of love for sale in February.Did you know February is also International Expect Success Month?...more