Leadership Development: The “KIDS” at Work

A big thank you to Ellen Kullman, CEO of Dupont for the following thought:“Children don’t do what you want them to do when you want them to do it. Organizations don’t necessarily, either. You've got to listen. You've got to learn how to influence.”...more

Extraordinary Bosses and Extraordinary Insight

Did you ever have a boss who was or is a bully? Someone who always tells you what you are doing wrong and blaming you when the situation has some thorns around the roses that prick and draw blood?These are not what I mean by extraordinary. They are, sadly, a dime a dozen. And these persecutor, bully bosses often have one thing in common. They grew up in families where they had way too much responsibility at very young ages....more

To Thine Own Self be True

  To Thine Own Self be True   When William Shakespeare wrote these words in the 17th century, I doubt he understood the impact they would have on future generations – or perhaps he did. As one develops and aspires into a leadership role, she must be mindful of first, the power of her words and second, to remain as true to herself with the spoken word as possible.   ...more

May I do some crowdsourcing on women and their careers?

I am developing a program for young women and their careers. I am curious to know what are the biggest areas of concern for women 35 and under. What do you want to know about acheiving success on your career path? What is important to you? Why is it important to you? What skills do you want to learn? What road blocks are you running into?I am looking for feedback from women working for organizations as well as women who have left the corporate rat race to creat their own thing.Thanks so much for your comments.Barbara...more

Innovative Leadership 101: Develop a Perspective Protocol

Sometimes we have to accept the reality that innovation can’t always be planned,  but when we find a pattern to help us increase the likelihood of spontaneity – why not try to learn it and bake it into the corporate culture?...more

The Perils of "Easy" Consensus: Leaders, Do Your Job

Throughout my career I’ve had experiences with government, nonprofit and corporate cultures, and I’ve noticed a leadership pattern in all three that any leader can learn from.Consensus means different things to different people. Be brave. Do Your Job.Don’t take the ”easy” path....more