4 Characteristics of Leaders Who Get Hired and Promoted

Imagine if you had the opportunity to sit down with a senior executive and get the real, straight up truth about what it takes to stand out as a leader in today’s highly competitive workforce.That’s exactly what I got when I interviewed Oracle executive John Hall about the most common characteristics of people in his organization who contribute the most value. Hall was more than happy to divulge the four characteristics shared by those he is most likely to hire into – or promote within – the organization he has led to become the world’s most profitable software training business....more

Tips for Getting to the Top Floor – 3 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Elevator Pitch

Is your elevator pitch elevating your career all the way to the top? Or is it leaving you stuck on the ground floor?If your elevator pitch educates your listeners about what you do now, but not what you are capable of doing next, you may be missing an important opportunity to re-shape how others perceive you. (And even how you perceive yourself.)So, what do you typically say when you introduce yourself to someone for the first time? When done right, this elevator pitch—or thirty-second commercial—can be the verbal equivalent of “dressing for the job you want”....more

Leadership and Honesty

Big question: when do we most often have difficulty with expressing our feelings openly? Easy answer: when there is conflict....more

Leadership and Accepting “The JOURNEY”

Everyone says “it’s the journey not the destination” especially when situations are tough.Leadership development means accepting this as a core belief when climbing the mountain of career success.Did you ever meet a leader who does not have a story of falling and failing? Did you ever meet a leader who is blemish free with no scars? “Well, only when they have been photo shopped” you say and you are right.Let’s peel this back a bit. What exactly is “the journey?”...more

Leadership Lessons: Daring + Caring = Sharing

My new book, the one I am writing as you read this, is about women becoming more daring, men more caring and together all of us moresharing. It is the new way for men and women to relate and work together, at home, in the office, everywhere!Do you want to be part of the pioneering group to make the world a better place? Do you want to help redesign the crazy, frantic pace that seems to be the norm and is making stress go over the top? Do you want more time to create and sing, paint, swim, dance and laugh out loud?...more

Leadership Development: The “KIDS” at Work

A big thank you to Ellen Kullman, CEO of Dupont for the following thought:“Children don’t do what you want them to do when you want them to do it. Organizations don’t necessarily, either. You've got to listen. You've got to learn how to influence.”...more

Does One Person Make a Difference? A Tribute to Shaun Stephenson

A tall dark skinned beauty graduated from Total Leadership Connections™ almost two years ago. We talked about her becoming a facilitator. She had such a light in her eyes and her love of people was palpable.Off she went to Sedona to get a degree so she would have more ways to help and teach and give to others.We stayed in touch. I was hoping for her return to the East Coast....more

Call YOUR MOTHER…… or NOT!!!!

Hey , Mother’s Day is over. That was last Sunday. So you can check that one off the list. Flowers, brunch or a phone call or e-card and the day was done. BUT the relationship remains.No, you cannot just check family off the “to do” list and forget about it. The behaviors that you learned long ago will still pop up when stress hits the hot button and you become a thumb sucking toddler or rebellious six year old even in your grown up clothes....more