Co-opting the Power of the Toxic Boss

Culture-Making Mastery Statement...more

Employee Motivation: A Secret Society?

Motivation is a key ingredient to success. This is not a news flash by any means, and all managers and good leaders embrace some degree of motivational program for their employees; whether they do this consciously or subconsciously, they all do it. Motivation is not some secret society either, but the secret to motivation is the "what" behind it. So what is the "what" anyway?...more

Why Is Speaking Truth To Power So Hard?

I have read several blogs of late that encourage aspiring leaders to speak their mind with some version of “CEOs say they want people to tell them the truth”....more

Business Leadership: Leading with Social Responsibility

Over the last several years that I've been working with business owners, entrepreneurs and those seeking to begin their own businesses, there seems to have been an underlying theme revolving around leadership....more

Giving Away Your Personal Power – And Taking It Back

This is the second post in the Take Back Your Power series of post...more

The Secret Weapons of a Good Business Leader

"The very core of leadership is that you need to have vision. You can’t blow a hesitant trumpet." This is what well-known scholar Theodore M. Hesburgh said about leadership. Leadership is a very desirable attribute among successful people no matter what type of business they are in. And if you talk about business, then leadership is a must for carrying out your tasks effectively....more

The Meaning and Essence of Leadership in Business

Change is the only unchanging features in this changing world. Everything surrounding us changes with the passage of time to be in line with modernization. The ongoing business environment is no exception when it comes to this trend. Modern business is on a triumphant march through tracking changes via hard work from the most efficient business leaders....more

What Is Personal Power?

This is the first post in the Take Back Your Power series of posts....more