Cultivating Women’s Leadership with Bioneers co-founder, Nina Simons

Nina Simons is one of those rare teachers who encourages and emboldens at the same time that she inspires curiosity about the topics of service, gender, and leading from the heart. She speaks here about the importance of collaboration between women (and between men and women) as we all strive to reinvent a model of leadership that can help steward the current changes taking place on our planet. “Liberate your own capacity,” she suggests “and get out of your own way!”...more

Front Page News

All on the front page of our local newspaper –the joyful birth of a New Year’s Day baby, the tragic death of a young father, and the continued tradition of generosity of a down-to-earth, locally focused senior couple. My emotions go up, down, up again and then leave me feeling slightly melancholy. It’s as if my heart can’t settle into position....more

Giffords Tragedy: What’s the Message to Young Women?

When an angry young man aimed his semiautomatic handgun at Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in a Tucson Safeway store on Saturday, he didn’t just critically wound her and kill or wound 19 others....more


As I promised myself, on the first day of this New Year I opened my heart to settle on one clear intention, one I would quickly take steps to follow through on in order to bring it to reality. It came to me swiftly and with complete clarity: I will write another book this year....more


  Success is defined in the Webster’s Dictionary as the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence. This is all well in good, but so many people get caught up in that one word WEALTH, so they believe in order for them to be successful they have to obtain wealth.  I do not at all agree with this.  Wealth should no...more

Introducing Miss Representation

I'm still in shock over the recent November election. What was supposed to be another 'year of the woman' ended in a step backwards for women and for the U.S....more

This brings together so much of what I've been researching and writing about over the years. ...more

War-Torn Women Warriors: What are they like? Like you and me.

Nearly every culture associates men and masculinity with leadership, fighting for one’s rights, and even gun ownership. So what does it mean when women are warriors and heroes? Women warriors?  The words fly in the face of typical descriptions of women who are often portrayed as relatively helpless and in need of a man or the government to survive. Women heroes?...more

Business Smarts: The Top Three Priorities of Leaders

Leaders can’t do it all and shouldn’t. You lead the company. You don’t manage it. You lead it. Do I need to say it again? This fact implies we all know the difference between leadership and management. Truth is, we often don’t. Leadership seems fuzzier than it should be, because those that managed us throughout our careers didn’t have it clarified for them either. While there are indeed a multitude of tasks leaders participate in, when it comes to leading a company, there are three critical items that should top every leader’s To-Do list. ...more
Such valuable insights. Thank you for sharing.more

Time to Change How We Think About Power

Check out this piece I just wrote for on why it's time for women to change how we think about power. I want women to reach parity while I’m still alive to see it. But at the rate we’re going, that will take 70 years....more