Paddling in Texas Schools

Paddling in Texas Schools Corporal punishment is back in the school system of Temple, Texas....more

Leadership: redefiened


How does The Man do it?

LeadHership in American Idol?

The Power of Your Words

We hear all the time about the power of positive thinking, but what about the power of positive speaking?  No matter how bad our thoughts may be, at least we can keep them to ourselves. Words, on the other hand, can never be taken back.  Who can forget the sting of words that hurt, or the comfort of words meant to heal?  Over time, your communication style will define the quality of your relationships and shape how you show up in the world. <!--break--> ...more

Five Good Reasons To Own Your Mistakes

Journalist Rachel Sklar recently fessed up to a mistake on her part. I admire her public apology greatly. Not only did she admit the mistake that critics called her out on but she owned responsibility for the mistake, didn't attempt to blame others and promised to not only to make an effort to fix this mistake but to also do better in the future. And because she was so transparent in her confession and apology I am willing to take a chance on her again. ...more

You make a great point, Wilma. Perhaps renaming mistakes would lessen the pain and shame people ...more

The Meyvn Group Blog

The Pizza War   ...more

10 Must-Read Books for Conscious Leaders

I love to read and learn.  You can call me a life-long learner.  I like books in print and on my iPod.  I am usually reading and listening to two books in any given time period - one for personal development and the other for pure entertainment.  On rare occasions one book will serve for both....more

The Loudest Duck

Have you ever wondered why: • So few women run companies around the world• Even fewer American companies are run by Japanese men• There are more tall male leaders than short male leaders• Pakistani leadership is filled with cricket fans but not racquetball players Chances are it has nothing to do with outright bias or intentional discrimination. So what happens? ...more

The Accidental Manager: In some train wrecks you may be the train!

When talking about workplace “traumas” from senior management to the front desk, a common theme is ineffective managers and why they exist. Frequent complaints center on promotions stemming from seniority only, office politics or some other ‘What Duh?’ advancement that is more mysterious than the Bermuda Triangle....more