On the Road to Election Day, Part VII: Prepare to lose all your rights

I'm not sure why, because goodness knows I've written enough about politics to know better, but only as I've been running for political office has it become at times painfully clear that as a candidate for an elected position, I've got next to no rights to do just about anything. ...more

Curiosity for Career Success

How curious are you when it comes to your professional life (or life in general for that matter)? Did you know that curiosity can not only increase your chances for success but also bring a host more meaning to your days even if you work at the most mundane tasks? ...more

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Thanks for taking time to read, comment, and tweet about this ...more

On the Road to Election Day, Part VI: Prepare to be HATED

What happens when you love the idea of listening to people's complaints and working with others to solve them, but you don't get to interview for that job? Instead, you have to convince several thousand people that they should trust that you will listen to them and have a good enough brain to come up with and implement solutions.  And then, that persuasion effort involves walking up to strangers, extending your hand and possibly being told that you are hated just because you want to work in government. Would you still go after that job? ...more

Read this article that reinforces what my friend meant ...more

On the Road to Election Day, Part V: It takes a village, and yet it's still lonely

One of the most common questions I get right now is, "How's the campaign going!?"  People really seem to want to know.  And I'm thrilled that people 1) know that I'm running for city council and 2) are fascinated by the fact that I'm running for office.  I'm not always sure if that's a compliment or a curiosity, but hey - I'll take the attention about my candidacy anyway it comes. ...more

Delegation - A Key Ingredient for Efficiency

"It's just easier to do it myself!" you may think at times. In the short run, yes. But in the long run, no. It does take time to teach someone else to do the task at hand. But when you do take the time, you are multiplying yourself - whether at work, at home, or in other arenas. For example, if you're the only one at work who knows how to do a certain task, you may be interrupted from doing something much more important and urgent when someone else needs this task done. To that person, it might be urgent and important, but to you it may not be. ...more

Are Women Better Bosses?

The debate about whether women or men make better managers has shown its face yet again. Like all long-standing debates: PC vs. Mac, Pepsi vs. Coke, Ford vs. Chevy, ... we seem to know the question always lingers just around the corner, is impossible to conclude with certainty, and is likely to rear its head every so often just to keep things interesting. That's exactly what happened when the NY Times published "No Doubts: Women Are Better Managers". ...more

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I agree with you some hard and fast statistics would be great. I haven't ...more

On the Road to Election Day, Part I: Reframing the concept of "activism"

Forget everything you know about or have heard about the word "activist" and just think about any time you've taken any step whatsoever to procure a desired outcome.  Any single thing at all - a customer service issue, an environmental issue, a parent-teacher situation, a job negotiation, a roommate problem, maybe when you were a child, it was convincing someone to let you stay up late or have another cookie.  ...more

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I'm really good at giving unsolicited advice but ...more

Putting Your Purse Where Your Principles Are

Swanee Hunt sings the Mother Goose ditty, "The king was in the counting house counting out his money; the queen was in the parlor eating bread and honey," to describe the gendered roles about money she learned at the knee of her Texas oil magnate father. Her sister, Helen LaKelly Hunt, talks about how her father brought her husband into his business ...more

Was Wooly Bully a Woman?

The recent New York Times article entitled "Backlash: Women Bullying Women" instantly reminded me of the 1960's song, "Wooly Bully"*. Its logic was ...more

Women's History Month # 26: Writing History Forward--Who Will Lead?

Have been intending to blog about this fascinating intergenerational feminist convocation since I took the D train out to Brooklyn last Saturday after enjoying dim sum in Chinatown with my 30-something cousin Elizabeth. (She calls me "Auntie G" because of our age difference. Thus the day started out with an intergenerational theme; food if nothing else transcends the generations.) ...more