Beyond Astrology:Psychic Horoscopes.CAPRICORN

Good news,Capricorn! Your innate abilities of steadfastness, focus and motivation are about to be called upon in a work environment. Who better but the goat to keep driving forward - through rain, sleet, hail (wait a minute, that's a mailman), but you get the picture. Nothing can stop a determined Capricorn, not even an economy that appears to have screeched to a halt.  Somebody has to figure out a way to plow through the mess, and that would be you, Cap! ...more

The Role of Leadership

Three things played a role in my decision to vote for Barack Obama: issues, values, and leadership. ...more

What does a leader look like?

Yeah, okay, I'm pretty excited that I actually know someone who has reached this pinnacle. I think that's pretty cool even though it's not me or my achievement. I wrote about it when it was first announced in January. ...more

Head Tilts and Happy Feet. Putting Your Body Language To Work

If there is a lesson to be learned from Friday night's presidential debate,it's this:when it comes to leadership,body language matters. It's not so much what you say as a leader,but what impression your body language communicates. Right after the debate-scoring it like a boxing match-- the pundits said McCain had won on the points. For a brief few moments they talked about McCain's command of foreign policy and how he came off as a credible command in chief. ...more

Viqi, I agree with the first part of this section you wrote, but not the second: ...more

What is REAL Leadership?

We're coming down to the wire for this election season. This year we find ourselves with a unique choice. Clearly during this complex and changing times our country requires real leadership. But what does that mean? Several things come to my mind immediately: * Experience * Vision * The ability to assemble and lead a team * The ability to inspire * Inner integrity that acts as Compass towards right ...more

Lilly Ledbetter, a Real War Hero, Could Help Obama

Little did I know a few weeks ago, when Carole Joffe and I wrote "It's About Time Working Women Get Straight Answers from John McCain", showing the connective tissue uniting economic and reproductive justice--you know, like the phrase "barefoot and pregnant"-- and ...more

The Blogger Neighborhood is Back with Some Perspective (from the Pipeline)

After some delay, the blogger neighborhood is back. To kick it off, let's welcome Rosetta Thurman, author of Perspectives from the Pipepile. I first began following Rosetta about a year ago. One scan through her blog's homepage, and you will say, "She. is. impressive." That's what I did. And so did Avi Kaplan, a Harvard student who emailed me to nominate Rosetta for the Blogger ...more

Women Take Talmudic Advice, Organize for the Change They Believe In

The Talmud offers this advice, which I have often cited tongue-in-cheek as a metaphor for leadership in times of crisis, especially when it fell to me to figure out what the heck to do about it: "Where there are no men, strive thou to be a man." ...more

Does Anyone Actually Believe that "The Price of Gas is Set by the Market"?

The Globe and Mail is reporting that Conservative spokesperson Mike Storeshaw does. Funny though, all I see is that every time there is the slightest move upward in crude oil prices, gas prices go up. However, they are much slower to fall when crude oil goes down. I used to work for one of the gas companies (I'm ashamed to say). We were given a price breakdown (that you can actually ask for from any of the gas companies, just call customer service). The ...more

New and interesting articles keep popping up! There is another update on my ...more