Following MO - Michelle Obama in Week 2 - Focus on Fashion and Race

As First Lady, every choice is a statement.  What charity or social interest will MO support? ...more

Building a Million Dollar Business Part-Time #16: How to do a Mass/Blast Email Campaign

Let me start this post by saying: I am not a huge fan of mass emails. ...more

Lilly Ledbetter’s Courageous Acts Pump Up Your Pocketbook

Hey, Women: Want to earn a cool half million? That’s about what the average woman loses over a career lifetime due to gender inequities in pay for the same jobs as men. ...more

Beyond Astrology:Psychic Horoscopes.CAPRICORN

Good news,Capricorn! Your innate abilities of steadfastness, focus and motivation are about to be called upon in a work environment. Who better but the goat to keep driving forward - through rain, sleet, hail (wait a minute, that's a mailman), but you get the picture. Nothing can stop a determined Capricorn, not even an economy that appears to have screeched to a halt.  Somebody has to figure out a way to plow through the mess, and that would be you, Cap! ...more

The Role of Leadership

Three things played a role in my decision to vote for Barack Obama: issues, values, and leadership. ...more

What does a leader look like?

Yeah, okay, I'm pretty excited that I actually know someone who has reached this pinnacle. I think that's pretty cool even though it's not me or my achievement. I wrote about it when it was first announced in January. ...more

Head Tilts and Happy Feet. Putting Your Body Language To Work

If there is a lesson to be learned from Friday night's presidential debate,it's this:when it comes to leadership,body language matters. It's not so much what you say as a leader,but what impression your body language communicates. Right after the debate-scoring it like a boxing match-- the pundits said McCain had won on the points. For a brief few moments they talked about McCain's command of foreign policy and how he came off as a credible command in chief. ...more

Viqi, I agree with the first part of this section you wrote, but not the second: ...more

What is REAL Leadership?

We're coming down to the wire for this election season. This year we find ourselves with a unique choice. Clearly during this complex and changing times our country requires real leadership. But what does that mean? Several things come to my mind immediately: * Experience * Vision * The ability to assemble and lead a team * The ability to inspire * Inner integrity that acts as Compass towards right ...more

Lilly Ledbetter, a Real War Hero, Could Help Obama

Little did I know a few weeks ago, when Carole Joffe and I wrote "It's About Time Working Women Get Straight Answers from John McCain", showing the connective tissue uniting economic and reproductive justice--you know, like the phrase "barefoot and pregnant"-- and ...more