What Leadership Lesson Are You Most Thankful For? Bonus Gift Edition

Wow! Thanks, for sharing so many fabulous, and fabulously helpful, leadership lessons that you are thankful for!  With the season of giving in full swing, here are more great gifts of wisdom shared by women leaders. Want to give a gift to others? Post your leadership lesson in the comments section below.   And while you’re at it, post YOUR most burning leadership question for the New Year too.   Speaking of Gratitude ...more
@theonecrystal Thanks for the props but it's the student that makes the teacher. :)more

Sanity Challenge: Powerful Bosses Don't Listen

And you thought it was just you.New research confirms that the more power(*) a manager or leader has, the more likely they are to ignore advice....more

Innovation Challenge: Humans Reject Creativity

Breaking news for creative types: you're not crazy. Your innovative ideas really are being ignored, downplayed, sidelined and squashed....more

Don't "Do" Leadership

New Study: #1 reason for leaders’ failure today, inability to build team relationships.Old Problem: Weak leaders think they lead by doing stuff....more

3 Skills To Vault You Into Leadership (And Help You Stay There)

Meg* and I were lunch-brainstorming how to help one of her direct reports who is struggling to “fit” into her recent Director-level promotion. Meg noted that this woman – we’ll call her Kathy* – found it hard to see the forest for the trees. ...more

Work-Life Baloney

A constant discussion topic among every professional woman I know – and no small number of men - used to be work-life balance. We judged ourselves and each other harshly when it came to our skill in balancing....more

A Woman’s Best Friend

In companies across the globe, women have a new tool to help them climb the corporate ladder. It’s called having access to a Business Social Media network. This simple tool invites employees to share knowledge and innovative ideas with their fellow employees (as well as many other applications). Simply pause for just a moment. Prior to this tool, how would you ever get your ideas in front of the CEO and the entire c-suite? In organizations where a Business Social Network is hosted, similar to one that a company called Yammer offers....more

Can I Negotiate the Pay I’m Worth in a Down Economy?

Now that the Paycheck Fairness Act failed on Capitol Hill, what can women do to try to get the pay they deserve, the same pay as men? In this economy, women may fear that aggressive negotiating may cost them a job either before they even have it or while they have it.   ...more
From Denise Di Stephan via Facebook: Finally had time to read it this morning. so sorry for ...more

Are You A Leader?

Most of us have a clear image of a leader. Strong. Smart. Confident. “In Charge of insert-something-important-usually-having-to-do-with-power-or-money-here”....more