The Boss Lady...

The Boss Lady… My crew of guys at the feed yard call me the “Boss Lady”.  Most days the term is used with a smile.  Occasionally, it is accompanied by a boot kick to the dirt and a bit of grumbling.  It is always used with an underlying current of respect. ...more

How Do I Lead When I'm Not in Charge?

I get a little nostalgic in October remembering my late parents whose birthdays were this month. So when Bonnie McEwan, president of the public interest communications firm Make Waves, suggested I write about how people in middle management can be leaders, I chuckled to think of one of my father's favorite sayings: Everybody puts their pants on one leg at a time. That conjures up amusing pictures that equalize people regardless of their stature in the formal organization chart. ...more
Thank you, Gloria, for a terrific article that comes at a great time for me. The organization ...more

Business Leaders – What Don’t Your Employees Tell You?

Bosses, Do you know what’s really going on in your organizations? According to the Speak Truth to Power Survey I fielded last month, no. You’re often not hearing what your people really think....more

For Leaders, People ARE the Work

Recently, one of my clients said to me in frustration, “My team and I are so busy with our work that it drives me crazy to have to deal with all these internal political issues that waste my time.”...more

Take Back Your Power – Watch Your Language (Part I)

This is the third post in the Take Back Your Power series of posts....more

The Joys (and Occasional Challenges) of Mentoring and Sponsoring

A “Heartfeldt” THANK YOU to everyone who read and commented on my virgin column. Your lively responses, challenges, and questions affirm that leadership issues are high on the agenda. Hands down the hottest topic in questions this past two weeks was mentoring.  Such as: ...more

Want To Get Ahead in Your Career? Put Away the Pictures of Little Billy

Nancy and I bonded in the late ’90′s workaholic days of an internet startup when our kids were little. More than a decade has passed and she’s VP of a growing company and I’m consulting and coaching, both of us busy as can be. We don’t see each other enough now, and the reason I know that is that at the end of every lunch that survives our schedules, we hug and say things like, “which college did Jeff decide to go to? Is Alex already graduated? ...more
@thegrumbles - Glad when you got here the content rung true. You're totally right that "there's ...more

Leadership Strategies: Got a Question?

My 30-something niece called to ask my advice last night. Her boss, she said, kept sending notes suggesting she attend skill-building workshops. She worried that these suggestions obliquely signaled criticism of her performance. Yet her reviews had been stellar and the department she manages exceeded its goals for the year.My response?  Say “thank you,” go to the workshops, and then set up a meeting with your boss to discuss ways to implement what you’ve learned. She’ll be blown away. And you’ll have educational experience to add to your resume....more
I'd like to invite perspective on the relationship between mentoring and developing leadership ...more

What’s Your Edge?

For all those who strive to be successful in their professional lives, whether they work for a corporation or they are an entrepreneur, there are a few things they (or should I say you) definitely need to have in order to achieve and keep their edge....more