Which way to Lean?

Sometimes I feel like the only thing I’m really sure about in my life is my husband and my family. Everything else is a big question mark. The things I say today about career, children, and big life decisions might be completely different from how I feel tomorrow.Simply put, I don’t have any answers. Only questions....more

"Lean In" to Life

As seen in Townhall.com...more

Feminist Valor

Here's a news flash: lots of really successful people, male and female, get canned for reasons unbeknownst to the outside world. It's an 'at will' world. No one is guaranteed a job except that last, ancient tenured professor being nibbled to death by 'at will' adjuncts....more

Lean In and Live

Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead – Sheryl SandburgIn Lean In, Sheryl examines why women’s progress in achieving leadership roles has stalled, explains the root causes, and offers solutions that can empower women to achieve their full potential.I found ‘Lean In’ an empowering book that made me analyse my career up until now and determine how...more

Don't #BanBossy, change the culture instead

So there's a new Lean In/Girl Scouts USA campaign to #BanBossy - i.e., ban the word "bossy" when describing young girls. I appreciate the effort to disabuse gender stereotypes, but why not try to change the culture instead of just wholesale removing a word from our vocabulary?...more

Don't Just Lean In, LEAP IN: Let Passion Be Your Guide to Life Choices

Less than a week after I brought my first baby home, after the post-birthing euphoria wore off, after all the relatives had cooed, cuddled, and given back the baby — I fell silently, like a deflating balloon, into a bout of despair....more

Sheryl Sandberg made me cry at #Blogher13

The Saturday morning keynote breakfast with Sheryl Sandberg was THE #BlogHer13 agenda item I was most looking forward to.  I am a huge fan of Ms. Sandberg, and her book “Lean In”was inspirational and motivational for me.  As a woman, especially a single mother, I wanted to feel that it was okay to WANT.To WANT to be successful at something in addition to being a mother....more
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VIDEO: Relive a Little of BlogHer '13 with Our Videos, Now Live!

Happy Friday! Our BlogHer '13 official conference videos are live! We know that both those who attended and those who couldn't make it love to watch these, so we're thrilled to put them here for your viewing pleasure! Would you like to relive a little of BlogHer '13 with me? Okay, let's go. ...more
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What I Heard Sheryl Sandberg Say at BlogHer '13

One of the challenges of our instant-expert culture (or instant-shallow, depending on how you look at it) is that almost every message turns into a whisper-down-the-lane game. As an idea or event gets amplified, it loses all its complexity, often becoming a cartoon character of itself: the bigger it gets, the less dimension it has. ...more
@D. A. Wolf So true, this: "May we wall stop buying into the soundbite." But it's so HARD not to ...more

Sheryl Sandberg Made Me Cry At BlogHer13

Yes, she did. I saw her at BlogHer13 and she asked the crowd, have you ever told your daughter she was "bossy" when she was little? And then she went on to say that we should say instead: "what a future leader you are". Or something to that affect, I forget her exact words, but they hit me in the heart....more
@KarenLynnn  @Denise Yes.  Very.more