Wow!! I finally built up enough courage to take a Leap Of Faith. After 5 ½ years I finally quit my job that was making me miserable. I never knew that I had this type of courage and faith. I gave my ex-employer a month notice about my resignation. Being a person that has let fear and anxiety take control of my life I was so surprised that I was extremely calm and at peace with this decision. I decided to leave my job without a safety net. During the last month of working I was actually offered, accepted, and started to work a second job....more

Leap of Faith

The grand baby loves to jump.  He will climb onto the couch... or the ottoman... or the stairs... or the bed, then he will turn around, and just leap into your arms. Often with a squeal or a laugh. There is no hesitation, no pause to see if you are prepared, no hint of fear in his little blue eyes, no doubt.  Just joy at the leap.  Trusting that you will be there to catch him and not let him fall. ...more

Finding LIFE Outside of The Comfort Zone!

Each of us have something comfortable we love to be in--a favorite shirt, a soft and cozy housecoat, or a comfy chair--and enjoy the feeling of being comfortable. Ahhhhhhhh... The thought of my favorite comfy housecoat and chair relaxes me and takes me away from life. However, being comfortable should not be a suitable situation for us in life. Comfortable sounds are good for relaxing and finding relief; but being comfortable in life can be detrimental to our growth.“The greatest enemy to your potential is your comfort zone." ―Author Unknown...more

My Risky Hawaiian Adventure!

My Hawaiian Adventure, or "I Love My New Home!"Yes, I've been living in Hawaii for 14 months now, and I can't believe how much I LOVE it! I knew that I would, (duh!) but it has exceeded even my expectations, and I am SO incredibly happy with my decision to move....more

Finding Inspiration in New Places

Yesterday, one of Ricky’s cousins found out some really great news. He’s been given an amazing opportunity to follow his dream and turn it into a reality! Last night, Ricky talked to him about it and he was very excited – and also a little scared. I understand that fear....more

My Path To Compassion

 http://waltzinghorses.blogspot.com/2011/10/my-path-to-compassion.html ...more

Send Fear to Time Out & Just Go For It: Dr. Lissa Rankin’s Audition For Oprah

Owning Pink’s founder Dr. Lissa Rankin just auditioned for her own TV show on Oprah about getting your mojo back- and keeping it. Please vote for her here! It wasn’t easy for her to put herself out there like this. Here, she tells her story of how she felt the fear and overcame it....more

How to Conjure What You Wish to Create, Part I: A Fable

Written By: Dr. Lissa Rankin There’s a lot of talk these days about the Law of Attraction. They make it sound so simple. You just wish for something, and then- POOF! Your fairy godmother appears and you get exactly what you want. Just like that....more

I love this - Nice Fable! You should turn it into a graphic novel. That would be uber cool! more