Fascinating videos about kids' brains

I'm still going through all these, but they're pretty fascinating. You can watch the videos online for free on topics like the correlation between brain skills and:- emotions at home- hearing- reading- math...more

Jan. 29 is National Puzzle Day! (and a good time to test your child's cognitive skills!)

Puzzles are great toys for kids not only because they’re usually very affordable, but also because they help strengthen important brain skills, like attention, visual processing, planning and spatial reasoning....more

3 Things You Can Learn From Your Child's Handwriting

Did you know that January 23, 2011 is National Handwriting Day? Some people don't believe in the emotional evaluation of handwriting, but I'm guessing a lot fewer people would argue with the brain-related evaluation. Here are 3 examples:...more

Pregnant? Take iron (and folic acid) to have a smarter baby

Most of us already knew to take folic acid when we were pregnant, but new research says that taking folic acid AND iron before and during pregnancy will make your kids smarter. In the study, kids whose moms took folic acid and iron showed: • higher reasoning skills • stronger cognitive ability • better motor skills • enhanced inhibitory control (I'm guessing this means a lower chance of ADHD) The theory is that iron deficiency during pregnancy can alter neurotransmitters in the baby's brain, which ofen impacs how fast they can process information....more

Tricare won't pay for TBI therapy for troops!

As someone whose husband is currently in Afghanistan, I will say that I am angry, sad and embarrassed by this. How can we send our soldiers into a war and then not pay for the most common, life-changing injury they sustain?...more

I'm not surprised. Tricare is in business to make money, just like other insurers. ...more

Turmeric (found in curry) shown to fight TBI and stroke

For the sake of full disclosure, let me say that I have become borderline obsessed with turmeric lately. The more I read about it the more I think it is one of the most powerful healers (and preventative spice) in nature....more

Free online test to source your child's behavior

LearningRx hosts an online behavior test called the LSDS ( Learning Skills Discovery Survey). It's a 5-minute survey that "separates itself from other simple behavior tests by delivering more useful and detailed information about how a person learns and why they might struggle in a particular area."Produced by learning skill specialists at LearningRx, the survey helps uncover key learning behaviors that reveal the source—not just the symptoms—of a wide variety of learning problems....more

Study shows why proactive learning increases memory

Interesting study:http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/210565.php...more

Why social interaction is even better for your brain than puzzles

Few brain experts will argue that crosswords, sudoku, brain teasers and puzzles won't help your brain....more