I'm Okay, Thanks: Developing Language

The other day, as The Toddler carefully (& oh so inexplicably) arranged her tea set in front of the stair gate in the hallway, Silly Mummy called to her from the living room, 'How're you doing, The Toddler?' Her little voice replied, 'I'm okay, thanks, Mummy.' This may be the most grown up thing Silly Mummy has heard her say, and highlights just how far her language has developed in a few short months....more

Try this super cool memory trick!

I just ran across this very cool piece in Psychology Today.It's similar to another post I've written about "chunking."As the author says, most people can recall maybe 7 or 8 items on a list but not necessarily in order. If I tell you 10 things to buy at the grocery store, you might remember 7 but not where they were on the list. (If I tell my HUSBAND 10 things to buy at the grocery store, he'll come back with one and the rest will be meat.)...more

Cowboys, Dressage Queens, and Respect.

 I got badmouthed by a cowboy recently. He dressed the part way too seriously....more

Learning like Mommy does

When I was little, I was one of those nerdy kids who really liked school. (Shocking, I know.) I loved my teachers, I liked to learn new things and I even played school on the weekends....more

Seven hours of sleep at night

It's 10 pm; the house is quiet. I double-check the locks on all the doors and go room-by-room, turning off the lights. The dishwasher is humming, the cat is following me, and there is a slight glow at the top of the stairs from our hallway nightlight. I slowly push back the door to my son's room to check on him. (I cherish the way he looks in slumber with one hand up by his face and an arm wrapped around his favorite stuffed animal.) I sneak into his room silently to find him sitting up at the side of the bed....more

Learning To Leap {Jobs}

Leaping is not something that’s easily attainable for those of us that move out of fear, trepidation, or paralysis. It’s hard to coax our bodies to move forward when our minds want to do anything and everything but just that. It’s hard when the thing ahead of you is the unknown. It’s hard when it’s something you’ve never experienced before or aren’t sure of the end result. But that’s life....more

Expanding Horizons - Learning Family Style

Every parent worries about their child’s education. We all want to know if our child is headed for a better life than the one we have. We want the very best for them. We hope they will be able to find a career they love, be promoted to CEO and have the perfect wife and lots of grandkids for us to love on....more

Learning To Leap

My teenager is learning how to drive and he’s judging us. With good reason.

This post is brought to you by a recent Facebook status update where I mentioned that I was taking my son driving.To follow-up, we didn’t end up driving that day because of the weather. To be perfectly honest, I felt relieved. Then I felt guilty for feeling relieved. (Why? Because I’m a mom and I do guilty like a ninja.)If you have teenagers that are learning how to drive, the following statement will resonate with you (and your accelerated heart rate):...more