This is Your Brain On Zzzzzzz: Unlocking Student Potential Through Better Sleep

 Two years ago, I taught a class entitled “The Theory of Knowledge” to high school juniors and seniors. The curriculum was rich, full to brimming with philosophical discussions, mind-stretching exercises, and debates. It also took place at 6:45 in the morning....more
sleepmom YES! I absolutely agree with you. School start-time is such a huge issue. In our ...more

Life Skills with Toddlers: Car & Small Engine Repair

Thankfully, Hun knows a bit about cars and doesn't mind working on them. This has proven useful in more than one instance since we've been together.In fact, with his knowledge/know-how, determination, and research we've only had to have any of our vehicles taken to a service shop 2 or 3 times for any kind of repair in our 3 years together! (Talk about saving money!)...more

Making Friends is Hard Work

Imagine a child sitting alone on the edge of the playground, looking on as other children run around, giggling and playing football. No one invites them to join in the game, but they’re also too unsure or even anxious to get up and try to join in. Does this sound all too familiar? ...more

Life Skills with Toddlers: Washing Dishes

Baby Boy really and truly loves to help out around the house. It's such a blessing to me in so many ways. I love that he's learning all of these necessary and important life skills at such an early age, but I'm also grateful for the little bit of help it is to keeping the house more clean, tidy, and orderly.To see his face light up and how he runs through the house just to help with a task. Or to listen to him saying, "wait Momma" or "I want to help" or "Let me do it", brings a certain smile to my heart, even if I'm in a rush and maybe would prefer he not 'help' so much....more

Life Skills with Toddlers: Laundry

Continuing on in this series, I've decided to talk about one of those tasks not many enjoy, but is necessary - laundry. Personally, I'm hit or miss on the laundry routine, as in sometimes I don't mind and other times I wish it didn't need done. Nonetheless, doing laundry is still an important life skill that Baby Boy is learning....more

Learning is a Lifelong Adventure

Welcome to the August 2015 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Life LearnersThis post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Code Name: Mama and Hobo Mama. This month our participants have talked about how they continue learning throughout life and inspire their children to do the same.***...more

Life Skills with Toddlers: Restaurant Behavior

Baby Boy's first exposure to restaurants happened when he was a mere week old. When it comes to children, for us, they're included in just about everything we do, so taking even a wee little one into a restaurant is just a thing we do. When Baby Boy was very young, we did a ton of babywearing, which of course, helped to make sure that he was comfortable and he could also be nursed if necessary....more

Life Skills with Toddlers: Vacuuming

First off, let me apologize this post did not go out on Monday, as planned.  It also didn't go out Monday evening.  I feel like a bit of a flake and I hate feeling that way.  I've noticed my energy is really starting to wane now that we're entering 3rd trimester with this pregnancy.  Legitimately, my pregnancy induced carpel tunnel has also really been bothering me.  Needless to say, the blog and writing has suffered the last few days and I apologize.  Hopefully, I can get myself back in order as the week progresses.  Now, on to this week's life skills...more

Make Change Work for You

By Jackie Hott, faculty member at American Public UniversityDo you embrace change or run from it? Make change work for you by having purpose, setting priorities, and designing a plan.  In graduate school, I realized that development occurs after some type of change whether it be positive or negative.  That thought has accompanied me through the changes in my life. I feel safe knowing that, when faced with adversity, I will ultimately grow from the situation. ...more