Make Change Work for You

By Jackie Hott, faculty member at American Public UniversityDo you embrace change or run from it? Make change work for you by having purpose, setting priorities, and designing a plan.  In graduate school, I realized that development occurs after some type of change whether it be positive or negative.  That thought has accompanied me through the changes in my life. I feel safe knowing that, when faced with adversity, I will ultimately grow from the situation. ...more

3 Steps To Build Your Child's Creative Writing Skills

One of the main things teachers focus on these days is writing, since it’s critical to success whatever the subject.  There are a few things you can do at home to help your child become a more effective writer. ...more

10 Benefits of Free Play in Nature

 There’s a lot of research highlighting the importance of free-play in nature to children’s development, and slowly this is beginning to be publicised more in the mainstream media.  There was a segment on Catalyst (ABC Australia) about a couple of different programs in schools to give children opportunities for free play in nature....more

The ABC's of Being an Adult

Growing up we learn certain lessons, usually taught to us through music and puppets. Lessons like “Don’t run with scissors”, “Sharing is caring”, and “Don’t grab the dog’s tail because he will bite you…are you crying?…did you grab the dog’s tail?…You did…well I told you he would bite you…are you bleeding?…well maybe next time you’ll listen…Tracy, did you just grab the dog’s tail again?…go to your room…no, leave the dog here.”...more

The Online Learner’s Guide to Catastrophe

By Dr. Angela M. Gibson, Professor at American Public UniversityIf you are an online college student, you have joined the ranks of 7.1 million e-learners in the United States taking at least one online course (Allen & Seaman, 2013). Approximately one in three of all those in higher education are enrolled in an online class....more

Little Steps make a Leap

I read once that we over-estimate what we can do in one day, but under-estimate what we can do in one year. Make a list right now, and see how true this is!I am a self-confessed list maker. It has always given me great satisfaction to put a big check mark across each item on my list. I carry forward items not checked off and start my next day with a plan/goal. Sometimes my list is full of just little things, and then voila, the little things meld and tangle into a huge step forward....more

A Year's Subscription of Groovy Lab in a Box Giveaway

Sponsored by: Groovy Lab in a Box Hosted by: The Squishable Baby...more

Rewrite Your Job Description

What’s your job description? Not your title or that document outlining your daily tasks and requirements, but how do YOU describe the essence, attitude and outcome of your efforts “at work”? For me, it’s not really about ‘work’, ‘labor’, ‘duties’ or ‘tasks’. It’s more about embracing what I am called to do, realizing what I can’t and can do, and advancing those actions and that mindset in each and every encounter....more

Gratitude Linkup - Week of 6/8/14

One of the best ways to have perspective, for me, is to remember the things I'm grateful for. There have been times when I've gotten stuck in negativity that I've done a quick gratitude list (in my head or with another) and started on the path of releasing that negativity. Gratitude lists help me to remember what's beautiful and to remain present in my life.Each week, Laurel Regan's Gratitude linkup over at Alphabet Salad is a way for me to share a few of the things I'm grateful for with others....more

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