10 Myths About Learning Disabilities (and Why They’re False)

You’ve Been Duped!...more

Untreated ADHD linked to addiction in kids, teens and adults

If you think not treating your child's ADHD will only affect their grades, think again.There's a lot of research out there about the correlations between ADHD and various kinds of addiction. Here are just a few I ran across:1. Food addiction - The same impulsivity that leads some with ADHD to absue drugs and alchol can lead to food addiction  - especially binge eating and bulimia. It's less likely in anorexia, which is more about "control" than impulsivity....more

Could YOU Read Swirling Letters?

Quite by accident, we discovered why our 11-year-old son could not read. I was gathering books to return to friends one day when the book “Reading by Colors” by Carol Irlen caught my eye. As I was skimming through it, 11 year-old Anthony looked over my shoulder and said in a surprised voice, “Gee, those words look nice.”...more
EmiliePeck   You are absolutely correct... the problem is that Irelen syndrome is a sensory ...more

Wrapping Up Learning Disability Awareness Month With Executive Dysfunction Awareness

We're coming to the end of October, which I know means that most folks with kids are thinking about Halloween. But did you know that October is National Learning Disability Awareness Month? ...more
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Why your brain is like a sea star (formerly known as a "starfish")

Unlike sea stars, we can't grown a new arm when one is removed. Yet.But our brain has a pretty amazing way of recreating itself in several ways to help compensate for an injury. For example:1. When part of the brain is damaged, the information can be rerouted through a different part of the brain.2. Different parts of the brain kick in to help out in certain situations, even if it's not their primary "job."...more

The High Cost of Not Treating ADHD

September is National ADHD Awareness Month and what better time to talk about the long-term risks of not treating the disorder?Here's an article on some of the long-term symptoms of untreated ADHD:http://thegazette.com/2012/09/12/adhd-awareness-month-focuses-on-long-te...As you can see, these are big concerns: anxiety/depression, difficulty managing time and money, difficulty getting into college? This is serious stuff!...more

For My Son

The following is a letter I sent to my Governor, Rick Scott, of Florida.  Over the past few days, Governor Scott was on a suppossed 'listening tour for education' across Florida.  Not only did Governor Scott not listen, he ignored all who were not pre-screened to speak and held closed door 'meetings' with the pre-selected speakers....Dear Governor Scott,...more

Omega 3 appears to help kids' reading skills

If you know anything about nutrition you probably already know that Omega 3 fatty acid is good for the brain. But a new study out of the UK shows that children taking a daily supplement of DHA (an omega-3 fatty acid) appear to read better and have better behavior.Previous studies showed that omega-3 pills seemed t help kids with ADHD and developmental coordination disorder. But this study was done with children in the lowest third of the general population for reading skills. In this study, kids were given 600 mg per day, 7 days a week, for 16 weeks. ...more

Teens with ADHD more likely to start smoking

If you already know that ADHD has a lot to do with impulse control, this new study won't surprise you.The study comes out of the Clinical and Research Program in Pediatric Psychopharmacology and Adult ADHD at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Three different teen groups were studied: those with ADHD being treated with stimulant meds, those with ADHD not being treated, and teens without ADHD. The ages and genders were all about the same for the three groups....more

Girls and ADHD: More psychological problems down the road

We often hear about boys with ADHD, but what about girls?New research suggests that girls with ADHD are "significantly more likely to attempt suicide or injure themselves as young adults" than girls without ADHD.More specifically, the study says that girls who show early signs of impulsivity were 3x - 4x more likely to do these things than non-ADHD girls....more