A benign case of Stockholm syndrome? Some of what I’ve learned this summer.

Big Boys WeekWe touched down on the outskirts of my hometown knowing that eager arms waited close by to ensnare the three of us in warm hugs. From within that circle of loving embrace, profuse excitement bubbled up as if we were a magic cauldron whose power only worked when none of the five was absent. After a short, familiar drive, we walked through the back door and settled in, and it was clear that no time had passed; this truly was a second home. Is a second home....more

Lessons Learned from Bingo

I survived chairing my first middle school event, a Family Fun Night with bingo and raffle prizes. It turned out beautifully, but I learned a thing or two.* People take their Bingo seriously... who knew? I didn't. My husband was the designated, notice he did not volunteer but was designated, bingo caller. On one occasion, he messed up. I thought half the people attending were going to take him out....more
Michelle, I'm guessing apples don't equate to licorice. ;-)more

I Am Woman Hear Me Roar...NOT

Ok this is for all the women who have found themselves in one of those situations where a man may have been of some help. I was single again after many years, 17 in fact. To be honest in my life there has always been a man to take care of certain things. There was my father and then my husband so there really had never been a time when one of them would not take care of the manly jobs lol. But here I was single and going to do things all on my own, I did not need a man! Humph, I get delusional sometimes. continued on www.lbethea.com   ...more

Mother Knows Best

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and today BlogHer is launching a series called "Mother Knows Best". We're inviting you to join us in celebrating the best things our mothers taught us. In the comments section below, or on your own blog, post about the best lessons you learned from your mom. We'll all learn something! ...more

What would a mother-daughter relationship be like if we couldn't tease each ...more