When life gives you lemons, grab the Vodka

When life gives you lemons make lemonade...and then, in my case, add vodka to it! These beautiful ladies were once my classmates and teacher in the Medical Assistant Program at Bryant and Stratton College her...more
@HomeRearedChef    Virginia,   If I had really been thinking, I would have found away to work ...more

Resilience ; a needed trait for the entrepreneurial spirit

 I was covering  a story for Mary!Mag and I signed up for a story on WEB, Women Entrepreneurs in Baltimore. I needed to find out what the inspiration was for the founders in creating this organization, which helps women become business owners. I signed up for the assignment, because like so many people who lost their jobs due to the economy, I needed to reinvent myself this year and join the mid-life career changers group. I went from teacher to writer overnight and still struggle to learn my new niche as I work hard to find fulltime employment....more