Reading - It's a Family Thing

One of the things that was equally joyful and heart wrenching at the same time when I was a young mom was helping my kids when they were learning how to read.  This can be a stressful time but there  are  some things you can do as a family to help each of your children learn to read and be confident in their ability to understand what they have read....more

Creating a Lifelong Reader

The other day I saw an article on the web, "Raise Lifelong Readers With These Handy Tips." ( was a good article, and I had to admire the author's pseudonym, Paige Turner. She (or he) said:Booklovers are not born. An interest in reading and a delight for stories found within the pages of a book is something that has to be carefully fostered....more

Breaking Through: Bilingual Kids & Reading

When I found out that I was pregnant in 2008 I was overwhelmed with excitement. Probably moments later, the fear and anxiety set in. There I was: an American... preparing to give birth in a country that was not my own. An American whose Español was, up until that point, largely made up of genuine, yet trivial salutations. "Hola, Como estas? Gracias. Hasta luego." Tee hee. So I had the baby. She was fine. ...more

Don't Forget the Beauty of Picture Books

I am a self-professed book worm. I always have a book with me where ever I am. Do you know where my love of books began? Among to pages of pictures books way back when. And it disheartens me to see that parents are forcing their kids to abandon the glorious illustrations and stories for "big kid" chapter books. ...more

Picture books help children on the way to reading, but they're so much more--they're about ...more

Is Early Reading Ability Innate or Cultivated?

I admit it--I'm a bit worried that my four-year-old son can only recognize a few words by sight.  After all, I was an early reader, and while I'm not keeping my fingers crossed that my son is gifted academically (not after my own experiences as a gifted child!), I have been looking forward to watching him discover the magic of reading.  (OK, seeing a friend's 6-year-old son reading words with five syllables made me a bit jealous.)  New research published Thursday by two scientists from Carnegie Mellon University suggests that I need not worry--even if my son ends up not being a "born reader," he'll be able to catch up through some focused instruction and practice....more

I was an early ( 3- 4 year old) reader.  There were always a bunch of books around my ...more

Helping Your Child Learn to Read, Part 1

“What makes a good reader?”  Many things.  However, if I were to pick only two concepts to help your child become a good reader, it would be to make a home library, and to buy an alphabet chart.  Both will help pave the way for strong pre-reading skills. ...more

Where The Wild Things Are

I still remember the moment I learned to read. Someone, I don’t remember if it was my mom or a teacher, had been going over and over the alphabet and simple words with me. I think I’d even memorized some small words by sight. I was also sounding out words at that point too. Still, I just didn’t understand that when you put all the letters and words together that they actually conveyed meaning—that they were adifferent kind of language than talking. ...more

Your comments made me grin. First of all I love that you got pizzas for reading. ...more

Why Do We Read?

I learned to read when I was two or three. There are family stories about this: That I taught myself to read. That when I was two - and a tiny child for two, at that - my mother brought me to the post office and I freaked everyone out by pointing at the door and reading, “Exit.” That by three, I was reading sentences (and after that there was no stopping me). I don’t think I taught myself to read exactly. I don’t know what happened; apparently I just sucked it in through my pores. I’ve met a lot of other people who had the same experience. ...more