Using Behavioral Approaches in Autism (And on Anyone)

Behavioral methods are usually associated with autism and early intervention, or orca training. But guess what? You can use them to change the behavior of almost anyone: your children, your partner, your co-workers, even icky blog or Twitter trolls. I am a huge fan of behavioral methods because they have helped my son gain so many skills, but I also confess that I use the methods to mold behaviors whenever I can. Let me tell you how you can play puppeteer, too. ...more

I did say that this was conditioning in the initial intro. But ideally we seek out and reward ...more

Brain rewires circuits after stroke   This new research out of Japan showed that (in mice), after a cerebral stroke in one side of the brain, the other side of the brain rewires its circuits to help the brain recuperate.    ...more

Education and Technology – The Cost of Questions

Technology can solve problems. Technology can also create problems or reveal existing situations that have nothing to do with the tool used to reveal structural faults. The way we perceived our lives and what we believe to be important is changing; Can you feel the tremors of change? ...more

Thank you for mentioning my blog.  I'm thrilled that you have exposed such an important ...more

Study of brain waves could help with ADD/ADHD treatment ...more

My Snail Pace

I've always been slow. At everything. Snail pace. I think it's because of fear, insecurity, lack of confidence, and my intolerance of being less than perfect, even though I KNOW it takes time to master something, and imperfection is part of the learning process, and that mistakes don't make me a failure, just human. ...more

Same neural code in brain aids in visual and auditory processing   Scientists can now show that the same neural code in the brain allows people to distinguish b/n different types of sound and different types of images. fMRIs showed that the brain encodes sounds and images using the same strategy, making it easier for people to combine the two that belong to the same image. The example they use is the sound and sight of a basketball dribbling, but I'm thinking about it in terms of reading - letters being visually processed while the sound of the letter(s) is being played.   ...more

Accidental learning...

We all do it. We don't know it, but we are constantly learning. I never realized how so much of what  we know is purely accidental. We are adopting an eleven year old girl. She is from the U.S. and has been in the system for approx. six years. She is completely Deaf. She is non-verbal. We have to explain so many things to her that you would not need to explain to a hearing child. ...more

MIT study shows why correct answers help us learn faster   MIT study shows brain's ability to change quickly with correct answers to brain training   ...more

4 Kiddo Homeschool

Hi Everyone! These projects can be seen at my homeschool blog:, but I thought I would post it here too, for your enjoyment!  :) This is a project I decided to conduct: ...more

Study says link b/n poor attention in kindergarten and poor grades in high school

The June issue of Pediatrics has a study showing a "clear link" between attention problems in kindergarten and lower test scores in high school. ...more