Improving Your Child's Education through a Musical Education

Encouraging your child to pursue music education can not only help encourage their hidden musical talents, it can also provide them with a lifetime worth of benefits. These benefits include an appreciation for music and the arts as well as improve their learning in other subjects. Music education awakens different senses in your child, often together or simultaneously....more

Letting Go: Do You Want Me to Hold Your Hand?

She’s older this year, a completely new person really. It’s amazing the difference six months makes in one so young. Last year I had to help her with everything, and this year she wants to do things on her own. In the weeks since the snow has melted and we’ve been able to use the play set, she’s mastered the ladder steps. After the first couple of trips up, I realized I could step back, remove my hand from her back, even be across the yard, and she could make it to the top on her own. ...more
wlee222 And thank YOU for the reminder that just because my kids are growing doesn't mean this ...more

Why kids struggle with tests; It may not be test anxiety

I just ran across this short video (like 1.5 minutes) about children who experience test anxiety. A woman named Studley Robson (cool name!) of LearningRx in Staunton explains that it may not actually be text anxiety but rather weak cognitive skills, which causes the child to draw a blank. brain skills she mentions are short-term memory, long-term memory and processing speed. ...more

The flip side of workbooks

     Some kids like to do workbooks and worksheets. Their parents stand by proudly, proclaiming to all that will listen, "My child likes to do schoolwork...for fun!" Then they smile, pitying the poor parents of kids who just want to - gasp! - play.   But why do some kids like to do workbooks? I always did. It made me feel grown up, it made me feel smart, and I, quite honestly, I liked the attention it got me. "Oh, look, she wants another workbook! How smart she is!"...more

The Boutique Shop

In lieu of another excerpt from the never ending novel I’m trying to finish – I thought I’d give y’all an update on what I’ve been doing the past few, um….months?  Wow. Time. I digress to mention how it flies here, just in case there really is someone listening. (My two dads…?)...more

Spring Break- A Project a Day

Instead of long travel or sticking to regular routine, for this spring break we're spending time together exploring history with borrowed museum artifacts, photography by putting together a camera, art with a box full of new materials, story with audio stories even we grownups look forward to hearing, and of course nature and the vastness in our backyard. ...more

The Learning Party

Both boys got their ‘card’  pulled at school, on the same day, for getting in trouble.  Ryan — for not finishing journal.  Owen — MORE serious:  tripping a kid “because he felt like it”, and not doing his best work.  NICE.  And Owen was COVERED from head to toe in dirt, grime and filth....more

7 Myths about your brain

I saw this when I logged in this morning. It's a piece on "7 Myths About the Brain That You Probably Believe": include:Myth #1: Listening to classical music makes you smarter.Truth: There's no proof of this, though there is a link between "arts/music and smarts." Myth #2: You only use 10% of your brain.Truth: You use 100% - just not all at once....more

Magic Snow, or how to make a giant mess

I really truly cannot figure out how all these pristine mommy-bloggers do it! They craft gorgeous educational activities, photograph them every step of the way, engage their kids in them (neatly, of course!), put up stunning pictures and still seem to have time to do things like cook dinner afterwards! It's amazing. ...more