Encouraging Summer Learning

My husband and I are looking for ways we can continue to work with our son over summer vacation who is transitioning in the fall from kindergarten to first grade. He is attending many fun camps this summer catering to his different interests - Geology Rocks, Pond Entomology, Jr....more

Stop Whining! Lisa Williams on Journalists Learning to Code

Amy Gahran, ContentiousWhy should journalists and other news/media professionals learn to code? More importantly: HOW can they learn to code?...more
As a green pea in the blogging world I appreciate you breaking down the ability to learn code ...more

How to Help Your Child Continue Learning At Home

Homework can often be a major cause of conflict in households, with parents citing the age-old “have you done your homework?” argument as a daily occurrence.Even so, homework is a vital source of learning for children of all ages, as it encourages them to reinforce what they’ve learnt at school and develop important study techniques and skills that will help them in later life. When a child is doing homework, it is crucial for a parent to show an interest and provide support if needed. There are many ways in which we can do this....more

Gathering in the Shadows

Author, poet, freelancerToday’s Claudsy’s Blog features my three poems created under the writing prompt of “Hiding Poem” from Poetic Asides’ April’s Poem-A-Day Challenge. That was a mouthful, wasn’t it?I found it odd that the prompt should reflect the basis of a course lesson that I did just yesterday. Serendipity must be working herself to the bone lately. For the past week it seems as if everything I encounter, related to writing, centers on some aspect of “hiding.”...more

Kids Learn about Rhymes w/ Singing Time with Bean!

Abyni getting a hug from Bean...more

Catching Up on What's You've Missed

For several days I've been so busy that doing more than one blog entry a day has been out of the question. I have to admit that this small blog has suffered as a result.I'm taking this opportunity to get everything up to date here before tackling today's official blog entry over on Wordpress. If you haven't been over there for a few days, you're bound to find something interesting about writing at Claudsy's Blog. Let me clue you in now....more

Grocery Store Fun

Grocery Store Fun In chess one cannot control everything. Sometimes a game takes an unexpected turn, in which beauty begins to emerge. Both players are always instrumental in this.  ~Vladimir Kramnik ...more

Passing Memories

What happens when you're the only one who remembers? If five people were with you during the making of a memory, and you're the only one left alive to remember, who's going to jog your recollections of that day's details, the conversations held, etc.?...more

Windsor Square Column: Ciao Everybody!

My weekly Windsor Square column has been posted: Why Windsor: ...more


Today I braved the piles of cardboard boxes and basement miscellany (three months in and we're still not fully unpacked) and dug out some books related to an interest I only began to pursue last year, back before the madness of the move kicked in. ...more