What exactly do we mean by using technology in education?

**This post was written as a follow-up to Technology & Education - your thoughts? **What do you think of when you hear the words technology and education? Or technology in schools?For some, it has to do with the superficial use of computers in school: using a word processer instead of writing and then handing in a printout of what was written, watching a PowerPoint slideshow about a specific topic on an interactive white board, and playing computer games when work is complete....more

Technology and Education: Your Thoughts?

Wondering if anyone else here is interested in the many conversations - ongoing since I don't know when, at least since I began blogging in 2007 - around educational technology.One recent site of this conversation is over at Connected Principals with Gerald Aungst's post: Why “I Don’t Do Technology” Isn’t AcceptableAs always, I'm taken with the polarized argument. It seems as if you either use tech in teaching or you don't. And if you don't you are a bad teacher....more

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After all these years, What have we learned?

Although the last 12 months have been some of the toughest months of my life, and full of trials I hope to never repeat, I must admit to learning a few things about life, people & myself. There were good and bad times. I had some really painful moments and moments of pure joy. Most of my life has been a roller coaster of emotions and experiences that I have tried to learn from. So, after 40 years, what do I know for sure? What can I take away from every moment good or bad, and turn into a strength? ...more

Fresh Start

Blog Directory I had just come from Disney (World) more specifically the Animal Kingdom from my home state in Flordia. Here I was staring at a bunch of twelfth graders in a big empty room that needed a paint job, in Baltimore City, Maryland. I’d signed up for this job after I’d hunted on foot, riding my bike up to all the schools I could get to in Parkville, but none had called me back so far....more

Another link between running speed and learning speed

I'm not going to say that people who run are smarter. (Seriously, I'm not going to say it - mostly because I don't run anymore!) But, there's yet another link the brain getting stronger as the body moves faster.Basically, gamma rhythms produced during concentration and learning grew substantially as the mice ran faster.We already know exercise is good for you – especially in the fight against dementia and Alzheimer's. But now we have an even clearer link between fitness and learning. Stronger body = stronger brain.Here's the piece:...more

Symptoms of adult ADHD

CNN has an interesting article about adult ADHD here:http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20490145,00.html?hpt=he_bn6Did you know 4% of adults have ADHD? And that's just the people who have been diagnosed! Here are some interesting (but sad) stats about adults with ADHD:• lower income• higher rates of accidents• higher rate of unplanned pregnancies• higher rate of substance abuse Here are some of the most common symptoms/associations of ADHD in adults:• restlessness...more

Blogging: The Challenges I Face

I have been blogging for about 3 years now. Wow! I can hardly believe it has been that long, but it has. As a newbie into blogging, I read whatever I could to learn how to effectively blog and to actually bring visitors to my site. What good is a great post if no one reads it, right? My blog is mainly about saving money, couponing, finding freebies and the like. It took me quite a while but I have a steady stream of visitors each day....more

Seeing Gaming in a New Light: Games for Change Festival 2011

I just got back from New York City for my first visit to the Games for Change Festival. In its eighth year, this year’s festival was held on June 20-22 at New York University.  I wasn’t able to attend the entire conference, but thanks to live streaming I caught most of the Tuesday talks I would have missed otherwise.  (You can watch the archives of the live stream, too!)...more

Let's see,
1- I'm a retired teacher
2- I'm a SXSW regular and have seen both Jane McGonigal ...more

Teaching through Toys

"Where are we going today?" asks my husband in a deep voice while holding the Superman doll."Swimming! The beach!" the babies shout."Okay then. Let's get in the car. Come on, Supergirl! Get in the car!" My husband switches to a falsetto. "No, I want mommy to strap me in. No no no. Crying. Waaaaah. I'm going to cry!"The babies look up, confused."No, Supergirl. Mommy doesn't have to always strap you in. Sometimes Daddy straps you in. If you are going to cry, we'll just stay home. Okay, fine. We're staying home.""No!" the babies shout. "Go beach!...more

Is It Learning German or German Learning?

Today I stepped into a classroom for the first time in 2 1/2 or so years. Well, it was a little less like a classroom and more like a building site. It fact, it was a building site. No kidding! I turned up to my new German class this morning and it turned out that where the classes are being held (in Schöneberg)isn't quite finished yet so we walked down a corridor filled with doors leaning against walls, no flooring, cables sticking out of walls and a handful of builders hanging from various objects. Not quite what I was expecting....more