Five Unexpected Benefits of French Immersion School - For Kids

 Learning to speak a foreign language is an obvious benefit of sending kids to a French school. It’s likely the number one reason parents choose language immersion to begin with. There are a few less obvious benefits too:(1) Exposure to Other Cultures...more

Fun with Flowers and Foreign Languages

I'm all about Everyday Language--learning and using world language words in everyday contexts to show kids that learning can happen anywhere AND it can be fun, too!  Take a look at this simple project and see how easy it is to connect language and culture with a fun family activity.Spring is just around the corner, and what better way to get inspired than to create bunches of fun flowers to decorate your home.  These quick creations don't need water, sun, or plant food--just a little folding and twisting to make a neat bouquet!...more

Finding Home: Unpacking My Library in Iceland

Last fall, Mark and I left New York City and moved to Iceland. We left a city with population of over eight million for a whole country with a population of 319,000. We made the move because, nearing 30 - when many of our peers are transitioning into their lifetime careers, settling in relationships, and starting families - I discovered that I was passionate enough about this tiny’s country’s amazing literature that I wanted to learn Icelandic myself. (One day, I’ll translate Icelandic literature into English.)...more
@Nomadic Chick Thanks--I'm glad you enjoyed it! Have you lived in a lot of different places ...more

5 Ways to Help Kids become Globally Aware

We hear a lot about how kids today need to be "global citizens" and gain skills needed for the 21st century workforce.  But what is the best way to achieve this, especially for younger children?  And shouldn't they have fun learning at this age, without worrying about their international job prospects 20 years down the road? Here are some simple ideas to help you and your family become more globally-aware!...more

How I help my baby acquire a second language?

As someone who may possibly acclaim as bilingual, I never forget the frustration I grew up in learning a second language—English—in a non-native language environment.English is so different from Mandarin Chinese in many ways, such as grammar, intonation, pronunciation, and writing. Plus, traditional English teaching in China focused on knowledge giving rather than developing effective communication skills in using this language....more

My Favorite Mistakes: Language Acquisition & Barfing Dogs

I love watching kids learn to speak. Eliza is just starting to form words, and Liv is starting to use more developed phrases and concepts. It's fun to have two kids in two different stages, and it helps me remember how impressive language acquisition really is. It's complicated though, and some of my favorite mistakes Liv has made lately are pretty funny. First of all, if you ask Liv what noise a dog makes, she says "doggies barf."...more
 @kjames4  I did it and... my partner looked at me like I was an idiot, and I laughed ...more