Leather Statement Necklace // Fringe


Leather, Lady.

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For the Love of Leather

Friday Faves: Leather Skirt

Now I consider myself pretty darn preppy, so when I saw that leather skirts were in this year, I thought no way. Well, it only took a little convincing for me to buy one and LOVE it. I bought mine (a vintage find) from Extant Fair in Savannah. Mine is a pencil, above-the-knee real leather skirt, but there are plenty of less expensive (leather-like) ones out there. Here are two ways I styled mine:...more

Winter Leather + Plaid

It looks like plaid is here to stay and I am not a bit mad at it! I love plaid and adding my beloved leather to this trend makes me even happier. You all know my obsession with leather and fur so naturally I find any and every reason to wear it or add it to my daily ensembles. Does this plaid dress/tunic look familiar? Yes? I styled this dress/tunic last year for my hobo look and repurposed it as a tunic to pair it with my leather skirt. ...more

Sharpen Your Pencil.

Leather pencil skirt, you say? Yeah, I’m in.Paired it with a killer striped crop top, which you may remember from this matchy-matchy post. (Still obsessed with it.) The leather pencil gave me the perfect opportunity to break up the striped suit, and putting a leopard pump as an end cap provided some print-mixing while staying in the same color family....more

DIY Faux Leather Cross

This cross with wings is a special order that I received. I was asked to paint the larger cross so that it would resemble leather.Never having painted anything to look like leather before, I of course turned to my good friend Google. You can find out how to do just about anything on Google.Supplies Needed For This Project:Large crossSmall cross Wings cut from plywoodGesso...more

Neon + Leather


Fall Shopping Guide: Leather Motorcycle Jackets

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Loving all these new fashions. Love the new colors for fall! Forgetting the fringe look though, ...more

The Secret to Cleaning Leather Naturally (Tidy Tuesday)

We have many items that are leather in our home.  Leather jackets, leather hats, leather shoes and even a leather couch.  And they can get really dirty.  I can take my jacket in to a cleaner, and my shoes to a shoesmith, but not my couch.  I was wondering how to go about cleaning the larger items.  As a rule, I refuse to use chemicals in our home, so what to do?The solution only will work for treated leather.  It is not for use on suede or matte leather (it may work on matte leather, but you would have to try it in a hidden spot first and see)....more