Please Approach The Bench

Leather, Lady.

That Chicago trip this sum...more

Friday Faves: Leather Skirt

Now I consider myself pretty darn preppy, so when I saw that leather skirts were in this year, I thought no way. Well, it only took a little convincing for me to buy one and LOVE it. I bought mine (a vintage find) from Extant Fair in Savannah. Mine is a pencil, above-the-knee real leather skirt, but there are plenty of less expensive (leather-like) ones out there. Here are two ways I styled mine:...more

Winter Leather + Plaid

It looks like plaid is here to stay and I am not a bit mad at it! I love plaid and adding my beloved leather to this trend makes me even happier. You all know my obsession with leather and fur so naturally I find any and every reason to wear it or add it to my daily ensembles. Does this plaid dress/tunic look familiar? Yes? I styled this dress/tunic last year for my hobo look and repurposed it as a tunic to pair it with my leather skirt. ...more

Sharpen Your Pencil.

Leather pencil skirt, you say? Yeah, I’m in.Paired it with a killer striped crop top, which you may remember from this matchy-matchy post. (Still obsessed with it.) The leather pencil gave me the perfect opportunity to break up the striped suit, and putting a leopard pump as an end cap provided some print-mixing while staying in the same color family....more

DIY Faux Leather Cross

This cross with wings is a special order that I received. I was asked to paint the larger cross so that it would resemble leather.Never having painted anything to look like leather before, I of course turned to my good friend Google. You can find out how to do just about anything on Google.Supplies Needed For This Project:Large crossSmall cross Wings cut from plywoodGesso...more