Falling Leaves in Cumberland

Last week I travelled to my hometown of Cumberland, Maryland to visit my brother's grave on the first anniversary of his passing. While the day was overcast and chilly, the autumn leaves brought enormous warmth to everything around them, and somehow helped to lighten the somber mood of the trip. I have no doubt that a day or two later most of those same leaves fell from their trees, and are now currently turning a dingy shade of brown on the ground....more

Work is never done

Sunday morning at the ” Campground”,and we have plenty to do. Jim is out taking the trash to the recycle yard. Once he comes back withthe rake, I get to go raking leaves, as we are fortunate enough to havethe township collect them curbside.We need a few walk-throughs in thenew house and walks with the girls. It’ll be a busy Sunday. Enjoy yours! ...more

What did I jump through

What is better to jump into...a pile of leaves or a puddle?  This is my posting for Oct 10th for NaBloPoMo  Because we have had such a hot summer in my part of the country, or world I guess I should say, and as many other states and countries have experienced...I would say a 'puddle'!  We had a nice rain fall yesterday, very much so needed, and it was truly my pleasure to go to my mother's mailbox via a puddle!...more

Leaves or Bubble Wrap?

I don't have childhood memories of dancing in the leaves, so even today, I'm not that attached to fall leaf activities. In fact, a pile of leaves to me isn't the least bit enticing, rather I see it as a barrier. I regard leaves in the fall as a covering of the ground. I see them as hazards at times. Only in the forest do I regard leaves differently....more



Magic Leaf Fairy...

You missed my house. Those leaves aren't gonna pick up themselves! Click to read full post!...more

The Gross, Disgusting, Icky Trouble with Fall

Fall is absolutely my favorite season. I love the crisp air, the sights and smells, the anticipation of the holidays to come, the feeling that new things are coming. Ahhh, I love it. There's nothing better than sitting down with something pumpkin-flavored or enjoying something that smells or tastes like apples, whether you're watching your kids play outside or at a local high school football game. That being said, I do have one gripe with fall....more
LOLOLOL This is so great. Both our dog and our cat have probably had their way with our piles of ...more

Wacky Wednesday!

Autumn LeavesWhat is Wacky Wednesday? Last year we created WACKY WEDNESDAY to help us get over hump day and try to remember to do something fun and unusual on Wednesdays. Not every Wednesday is Wacky Wednesday, but we try to do something a little crazy or nature-oriented....more

Easier and Greener Leaf Pick-Up - dSolv

I will admit that I do not have much use for an eco-friendly leaf pick up and biodegradable bag as I live in Southern California, but I do remember that while growing up in Canada, raking the leaves before the first snowfall was a task for the entire family....more