Mashed Potato Pie

yum but I never have leftover mashed potatoes, heh. So yes, I'd have to make a fresh batch for ...more

4 Ways to Love Your Leftovers

Are you one of those people who turns up her nose at leftovers?  In our effort to cook once and eat twice, it’s really important to embrace last night’s dinner for a meal the next day. Will your leftovers be enhanced by any of these ingredients?1. Bean or lentils under the dish...more

Making A Meal Out Of Last Night's Dinner



The holidays are over and the fridge and freezer are stuffed.  It's time to get creative and turn leftovers in to something that won't send the family running screaming from the kitchen....more

Plated + Served: Don't Call them "Leftovers"

Don’t just reheat your Thanksgiving leftovers. Re-purpose them.“Leftovers” is just re-heating something you served the day before… when you ”re-purpose,"  you take the previous day’s meal and whip it into a completely new dish!So, instead of boring Turkey and Mayo Sandwiches, try:• Turkey Rueben• Turkey Monte Cristo• Turkey Cuban Sandwich• Turkey Grilled CheeseDon’t forget to slap some cranberry sauce on 'em if you have any left.For a quick and easy dinner:...more

Leftovers Bento

Last week I made a big batch of these savory little hand-held pies. We've been obsessed with these things lately...flaky pockets of happiness just waiting to be eaten. We can't quite decide what to call them yet. They do have actual NAMES, they're just not names we're necessarily wanting to use (considering that we're kind of perverts around here). In most of the world, they're called pasties (PAST-ees, not PASTE-ees...we're talking food here, not boobie tassles)....more

Omurice (Omelette Rice)

Omurice is a popular contemporary Japanese fusion creation blending Western omelette and Japanese fried rice. It’s usually enjoyed at home but also can be found at many Western food diners in Japan. When there is leftover rice, it’s a perfect single plate meal to prepare the next day.The rice is usually pan-fried with ketchup and chicken, then wrapped in a thin sheet of egg omelette. From preparation to completion only takes a quick 20 minutes. It’s one of my children’s favorite meals with fried rice, eggs, and lots of ketchup....more
eww got to try this omelette...sounds so goodmore

Grilled Vegetable Fajitas

Leftovers tend to go very fast in my house, unless, of course, those leftovers are vegetables.It seems like there's always a bowl of grilled (or roasted, in winter) vegetables hanging out in my fridge. I could come up with a million and one uses for them -- omelets, salads, wraps -- but my boys are a whole lot pickier. I have to "hide" the veggies in their favorite foods to get their approval and these fajitas are perfect for that!...more

Stuffed Crêpes

I do love making enough food to have leftovers. However, I lose interest in eating the same leftovers more than perhaps twice, so I try to find new ways to jazz my leftovers up and make a different meal out of them. All of this leftover talk brings me to one of my most favorite "leftover makeover" dishes from my childhood. My grandmother used to always make traditional Persian dishes for lunch. For dinner, she always made lighter dishes which did not involve rice....more
I can't wait to try this, but I might not be able to wait for the leftovers to stuff a crepe. It ...more