Adoption Laws

Today I saw a news story about a couple who is challenging an adoption law in Michigan.And then I got angry... check out my blog post to read why.

What Is a "Good Death"?

Today's Featured Guest Writer is: Barbara Kate Repa, Author at Ways to Help to Ensure a "Good Death"....more

Heather Has Two Mommies & Two Daddies: Time for the Law to Evolve

Extending parental privileges to third parties can be a good thing. Of course, with the privileges of parenthood come the responsibilities, including financial responsibilities. But I think that having more people financially and emotionally responsible for the well being of a child could be a wonderful thing. ...more

I am excited to see third party parenting rights coming to life. Mine is a blended marriage, ...more

INspired Action Journal

A Law of Attraction Publication of Bliss Studios LLC   ...more

Script Kiddies III - Grilled Kiddie

In my previous articles Script Kiddies - Vermin of the Internet and Script Kiddies II - A warning to parents I described the Script Kiddie problem. This article contains information for web site owners and surfers regarding what to do when your system is continiously probed from the same source or if your site is compromised. Who you gonna call? KiddieBusters? (could be a good name for a web site?) If you are running personal firewall software while surfing you can actually do something with the logs. You can send them to your ISP ...more

Forbes: "Five Things Every Married Woman Needs to Hear About Divorce"

photo courtesy of offers up tips for helping make divorce "more manageable in the long run." ...more

What Every Blogger Should Know About The Federal Trade Commission's New Proposed Rules on Product Reviews and Endorsements

The Federal Trade Commission recently released proposed changes to their Consumer Product Testimonial and Endorsement Rules. They are: An advertisement containing a consumer endorsement about the performance of an advertised product or service must reflect the actual performance of the product or service. Essentially the advertiser must have sufficient evidence, if applicable, competent and scientific evidence, to verify that the consumer endorsement is correct. Sec. 255.2(a) ...more

New Zealand Says: Talula May NOT Do the Hula From Hawaii

The latest from the annals of odd news is that a New Zealand judge is allowing a nine-year-old girl to change her name from "Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii" to something that be less likely to "expose her to teasing" from her peers. That's quite a mouthful. I am left wondering if she changed it to just "Talula" or something like "Jane." ...more

that this story has made world wide news and shows the idiots that live in my country! The ...more

Forum moderators owe a duty of care to the public

Just found an interesting article posted by Paul H. Heintz at that I think all forum moderators should take a look at. ...more