A Definitive Guide: Can I Wear These Leggings As Pants?

Well, the best time of year has arrived; pumpkin spice everything is on the shelves and in the air, Hobby Lobby is selling Christmas trees well before Halloween, and the assault on my eyes by women, who year after year, insist on wearing leggings inappropriately.     ...more
What is that saying camel toe? Which I think is the most hilarious and grossiest part of wearing ...more

Aztec Leggings + Denim Throwback.

Leggings were invented for days when you don't want to wear real pants. No judgement here; I've been there....more

Ladies, Don't Wear Cheap Leggings

Yesterday I was walking out of a store and a twenty something young lady walked by me, can someone say, labia majora. That is all I could see, as she walked by me to the delight of the man waiting for his bus. Her leggings were so cheap, she might as well have worn black stockings, they looked about the same. Spend the money, don't wear cheap leggings....more

Supersized Plaid + Scuba Leggings.

Nothing like a new wide brim wool hat to ring in fall, am I right? This Rag &...more

Travel Fashionably: Be comfy and chic this travel season!

I’ve seen lots of articles regarding the perfect airplane outfit and they are largely either unimaginative or impractical. It’s not that I’m against skinny black leggings, because honestly they travel great; but I’m going to offer some alternatives so that you don’t have to blend into the sea of yoga pants.  ...more

Thrifty Thursday: Fleece-lined Leggings

I was so excited when Ashley from Ocean Avenue Boutique (http://oceanavenueboutique.com/) asked me to review a pair of fleece-lined leggings for her on my blog! I love trying new products and I also love helping out small businesses. Even though I'm posting this on Thrifty Thursday, this could definitely go on Friday Faves!...more

Snowflake Leggings + Utility Jacket.

Snowflakes, you say?Indeed. We’re in November– November! I can’t believe it. I suppose it’s a good month to debut a pair of snowflake leggings.The instinct is to style these printed sweater leggings cutesy, but I wanted to toughen them up. Combat boots, wherefore art thou combat boots? A simple white tee and a military-style utility jacket round out the look. Boom! Off to the salon for a trim + dip dye. (Darker ombré on deck for next week’s posts!)Keep reading for some tips on wearing printed leggings (snowflake and the like)....more
I love those leggings, and maybe bought the black and white version. BUT, LANP! LEGGINGS ARE NOT ...more

Leggings: Repaired & Ruffled

Ok so no new idea here but I hope that it just reminds everyone that we can all salvage those items with holes, stains, etc  that are perfect otherwise!! Out of laziness I usually scrap those items to the very bottom of the clothing totem pole and consider them the "play clothes that can only be worn around us and NO ONE else." Any-whoooo in case you haven't noticed elbow and knee patches are like mega in style and so darn cute... so I couldn't resist spicing up these little leggings. ...more

Sisterhood of the non-traveling pants

This is a pretty exciting day for me, as my dear sister is moving back to the valley for the summer with her fabulous hubby and baby-to-be.  This means I will have TWO of my fab four sisters in my immediate vicinity, one big sister and one little sister.  Just a couple more to get over here now…...more