Leggings: Repaired & Ruffled

Ok so no new idea here but I hope that it just reminds everyone that we can all salvage those items with holes, stains, etc  that are perfect otherwise!! Out of laziness I usually scrap those items to the very bottom of the clothing totem pole and consider them the "play clothes that can only be worn around us and NO ONE else." Any-whoooo in case you haven't noticed elbow and knee patches are like mega in style and so darn cute... so I couldn't resist spicing up these little leggings. ...more

Sisterhood of the non-traveling pants

This is a pretty exciting day for me, as my dear sister is moving back to the valley for the summer with her fabulous hubby and baby-to-be.  This means I will have TWO of my fab four sisters in my immediate vicinity, one big sister and one little sister.  Just a couple more to get over here now…...more

Look of the Day - V-Neck Tunic

TGIF! This is the last clothing item of v-neck week!...more


Eat, Shop, Breathe: The Tyranny Of Skinny Fashion

I am taking an Elizabeth Gilbert-esque journey to the center of my seams.  She traveled around the world in search of enlightenment, inner peace, and self-love. It is no surprise she found it, head to dusty floor, in an ashram cradled in the India delta. Why? Because she wasn’t stuffed into an oppressive piece of denim like sausage links jammed into their slimy casings!...more

How To Wear Leggings... If You're Over 40

The leggings trend is not going away. Year after year magazines and style blogs feature hundreds of great looks featuring all kinds of leggings. But, what if you aren't a twenty-something? And what if you weigh more than a hundred pounds? Can leggings look good on all kinds of women? You tell me. ...more
I am not sure if my attempt to share this worked, but anyway..... I did work this out for myself ...more


Helen Uffner: Get Me Warm and Hose Me Down

by Helen Uffner ...more

PLAY STYLE - Elizabeth and James * Alice + Olivia * Rag & Bone * ZiGiNY * Kendra Scott

Get This Look: Elizabeth and James Tokyo Top Alice + Olivia Powerknit Leggings with Side Detail Rag & Bone Soiree Sequin Vest ZiGiNY Cassie Studded Ankle Strap Suede Boots Kendra Scott Jewelry Zarafina Earrings  Find out how to get this look and more on Style Wrap...more

PLAY STYLE - Elizabeth and James * Diane von Furstenberg * Rock & Republic * Giles & Brother

Get This Look: Elizabeth and James Lantern Sleeve Tee Diane von Furstenberg Leggy Leather Leggings Rock & Republic Celina Suede Platform Pumps Giles & Brother Zasu Crescent Necklace  Find out how to get this look and more on Style Wrap...more