Today, I stepped on a LEGO

At least twice a month, I step on a LEGO. I look upon it as an exercise to hurt myself and not curse aloud....more

Organizing Lego Manuals (Free Printable included!)

I am slowly entering into the world of Lego. Being a mother of two boys I can see many a days in my future where I cry out in pain after stepping on a lovely piece of Lego. Or even worse the act of Lego organization! So far we have en...more

There's a Lego underfoot

When I first lived alone, I was mildly afraid of the dark. I would hate investigating weird noises by myself and refused to leave the perceived safety of my bed in the middle of the night.As a mom, I am afraid of the dark for a completely different reason: I am pretty sure I am going to step on a Lego....more


When my son Webster was about 2 years old, he inherited a large fully equipped bright pink doll house.  He was not yet conditioned to associate the color or the function with a traditional toy for girls and he loved it.  His play involved putting out fires in the building, Spiderman fighting Venom on the roof, and rescuing the dolls from dinosaur attacks. Meanwhile, girls visiting for playdates had tea parties, put the dolls to bed, and made dinner in the kitchen.  Fast forward a year or so to Webster sitting in a sandbox playing with a boy a couple of years older than him. Webster picks up a pink shovel and his play date quickly points out that pink is for girls and thus initiates the beginning of the end for the pink doll house....more

Batman Is My Boyfriend at 'The Lego Movie'

It's refreshing when a movie both celebrates itself and pokes fun at itself a little, too. This is exactly what the new film, The Lego Movie, does.  My husband and I attended with our three young children on the night of its premiere. ...more

Breaking News: LEGO Fails Girls (Again)

Oh LEGO. You’ve gone and done it again.In April 2012 representatives from your company met with SPARK.  After that meeting I had such hope that there would be change in your approach to toy design. Admittedly, I let things slide. I got busy and stopped paying attention for a while so I didn't know where things stood. Then today I saw this:...more

Family Cooking Raises Healthy Lego Building Kids

Family Cooking Raises Healthy Lego Building KidsI think careful cooking is love, don't you?  The loveliest thing you can cook for someone who's close to you is about as nice a valentine as you can give.  ~Julia Child...more

Lego Hero Factory birthday party ideas

My son wanted a Lego Hero Factory theme for his 7th birthday party. We went to Monkey Joe’s for the party, so all I needed to do was get a cake and put together goody bags. After much researching on the Internet and Pinterest, I found almost nothing. So I decided to design my own party favors. All of the files I designed are available for FREE…just look at the bottom of this post....more
Hello your ideas are wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing. I was actually wondering what you ...more

Another Lego Christmas

Another Lego ChristmasBuilding another Christmas full of memories, one Lego building block at a time.  ~Aunt Heather Piper...more

Kyle's Lego Dream @LegoKidsFest 2012

Kyle's Lego Dream @LegoKidsFest 2012Sometimes I wish I could go back to the days when I was six and my biggest problem was what kind of dress to put on Barbie or whether or not I had enough Legos to build a fort.  ~Unknown...more