Are Girl Legos Necessary?

Legos have been a regular toy in our house for many years.  One of my daughters favorite toys as a toddler was a huge tub of Lego Duplo blocks that we would build into airplanes, robots, houses, and more.  They came in a variety of colors, nothing predominantly pastel or primary.   I will be honest, the first "advanced"  Legos that entered our home were for my 2nd born, my son.  My daughter would engage in play with him occasionally, but it's not like she asked for her own....more

Why So Few Kids Movies?

It might be silly, but I love taking my kid to the movies. I love going to the movies, so that might be part of it, ha! When he was just born, we went to see The Muppet Movie together, and it was great. He slept, and nursed, and since he loved songs from very early on, it was an easy way to get out of the house. ...more

When Your Child Says He's not a "Sports Kid"

It's Summer, and like thousands of other Moms out there, all I want to do is open the front door and say to my kids, "go outside and play."&nbs...more

Lego Snow Globes

Tons of blogs have DIY snow globes.  I was excited to try this with the kiddos, but wanted to bring a fresh spin to the project for readers.  I came up with the idea for them to be Lego-centered.  We went to our local Lego shop and they all picked out the minifigure of their choice.  We came up with Jack Sparrow, a skiing girl, and Indiana Jones.  I am so pleased with the way they came out!Here is what you'll need:Distilled water...more
@BlogHer that looks like fun!more

Lego Party

Our DS turned four years old this week. He was adamant about having a Lego party. One problem, we hardly had any Legos. Like the good mom that I am I looked to Pinterest for help. There were some really great ideas for games, decor, and the cake. We were just missing the most important part of the equation. So, how does one have a Lego party without Legos?...more
@Darcie  Thanks Darcie!more

Shopping Spree, Kyle Asks for Prayers

Shopping Spree, Kyle Asks for PrayersAnd the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream by night, saying: Ask what you will that I should give you.  ~1 Kings 3:5  /  2 Chronicles 1:7...more

Lego Lunacy: How Tiny Plastic Bricks Can Push Me Over the Edge

Legos. Either you love them or you hate them.Or, more likely, both.At the same time....more
I'm laughing and crying all at the same time.   I'm also plotting my first Lego purchase for my ...more

Wednesday Word of Wisdom. Art Provided By Nathan Sawaya.

Pay no attention to what the critics say. A statue has never been erected in honor of a critic.~ Jean Sibelius ...more
I feel and think that writers aren't appreciated for the time, labor, sweat, and heart they put ...more

Lego Storage

Tanner has been long overdue for a good Lego storage solution. The kid has been obsessed with them for the last two years and they are always a big unorganized mess - usually scattered all over the floor. A few weeks ago, I searched "Lego Storage" on Google and was pleasantly surprised to find I wasn't the only one who had an issue with Legos scattered all over the floor. I found some great pictures and great ideas....more
Love it! Now that is how your organize Lego!more

Legos and Lightbulbs

There once were two best friends. They played together all the time. The loved Legos, and built with them whenever they had the chance.We’ll call them “The Boy” and “His Friend”.One day, when playing with their Legos, two bricks became stuck together. Really, really stuck.So, “His Friend” thought it would be a good idea to put the Legos in his mouth to pry them apart. (We’ve all done it…and just like us, “His Friend” found out that prying Legos with your teeth doesn’t work very well.)Now “The Boy” and “His Friend” had wet and stuck Legos. Bummer....more
LOL! I love how they are in cahoots together!more