7 Ways to Spend Your Leisure Time Productively

Holidays are over. No more marathon-sleep or fun trip around town. We’re back to the usual hectic days at work, and we now have to shuffle our time between many things.But hey, no matter how hectic your day can be, some free times will open up in between which you can quickly use to get some things done.So if you’re wondering how to spend those free times productively, here’s a list of 7 refreshing activities you might want to consider.1. Learn new things...more

Go Play Outside: Finding Happiness in Purposelessness

 Once I gave my three younger kids a bucket of big nails and a hammer and told them to go make a life raft from wood they could find on the beach. I watched from our porch. The gathering, the lining up, the arguing, the hammering, the deciding that nails alone were inadequate. Rope was needed. I gave them rope and then sat down again. I like watching other people's industry even if they are just children....more

What Are Your Favorite Summer Leisure Activities?

Have you thought about how you're going to have fun in the sun this summer? Some parts of the country are still freezing, and others have already turned on the air conditioners and stockpiled the sunscreen. This week we're looking for your favorite summer leisure activities. We want to know if you're looking forward to picnic food in the backyard or road trips with the family. Or maybe you're dreaming of crystal clear water on a tropical island somewhere ......more
We've already had some really hot days here in San Jose, and I tell you, I am NOT looking ...more

One Show at a Time

A couple of months ago a friend and I took our kids to a children’s concert at the St. Louis Symphony.  As the start of the show approached, we rushed to take our seats. Happily, I noticed a few familiar faces from our elementary school. But as everyone began to settle into their place, I noted that there were more empty spaces than I would have liked to see. I was surprised....more

My Sunday: Pajamas, Word Games, and Wine Cooler(s)

When the kids are all with their dad, you're on your own,and you can't get over to visit your mom on Sunday, then this is what you do:...but only once the sink's empty and the laundry is drying on the line, of course....more

Rainy Days and Mondays Really...Are Perfect for Sexy Stay-cations

Waking up to another gray day, my desire to get away from it all reasserts itself. I can still feel it kicking me in the shins. But, finding the time and money for an all out vacation relegates all hopes of chilling on a tropical beach to the fantasy files. As a country, America pretty much sucks when it comes to bestowing vacation time upon its workforce. You can more clearly see our Puritan work ethic kicking in by looking at some statistics....more

I like your ideas more than the one I usually use on grey days-catch up on my sewing projects. ...more

New York City Excursions You Will not Want to Miss

For first timers, New York City is an immense metropolis with awe inspiring sights. The truth is, the experience of choosing locations to see could also be nearly overwhelming. Due to this fact, quite naturally, most visitors have a tendency to turn to New York City excursions to see the city and get acquainted with its famous attractions.There are a number of New York City tours obtainable to suit all tastes and budgets: aerial excursions, strolling excursions, water tours and so on. A few of the most interesting of all New York Metropolis excursions embody:...more

My Ireland with Love

A number of of the 4 countries of United Kingdom is Northern Ireland. This 14,000-square kilometer region has a temperate oceanic climate. English and Irish are its official languages, though their dialect of English has been influenced by the Scotland....more

Researcher Says Women Have 30 Hours of Leisure Time a Week

Brigid Schulte of The Washington Post recently took on University of Maryland researcher John Robinson's claim that women have 30 hours of leisure time a week. She was so annoyed, in fact, that she called him up. He told her to keep a time diary. What did she find? ...more

You have found the key!  It's all about "perspective."  That will probably save ...more